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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. So Y Guy, if 2 clans agreed to have an Uncapped PKRI (rare event in these rankings), you'd just say they can't have one?
  4. Lol, that's just stupid. That's like saying, oh no, Corrupt is now NOT allowed in TWR wars, because usually with Corrupt wars, the richer, better clan wins, it's similar to Uncapped PKRI's tbh. Plus lots of clans tend to war this way, and it'd benefit the clans IF they had the option to do this and if they wanted too. So no I don't think it's fair to restrict Uncappeds when Corrupt is allowed as long as both clans agree on it, and it'll make the community probably better if 2 clans who had beef with each other did like a Uncapped PKRI or even CWRI if they're scared to lose rune as it'd just settle EVERYTHING.
  5. Unlucky AK, could've been different for you if it was matched. Gratz GoDz and good luck Sunday.
  6. First of all, I'd like to express that this is not a topic of flaming to any clan in any way, shape or form, moderators feel free to remove anything if you think anything is offensive. Ok, so in most clans, the Leaders will set special positions known as Warlords, who can have different roles to play in your clan depending on the leader's opinion of what they should be doing. For example, in a Top-5/10 clan, a Warlord can probably call a mandatory mass-up and have a lot of internal power, whereas in smaller CWA clans, the Warlord will just have the responsibility of leading the war and very little power after that, but I wanted to hear some more opinions as what you may think a Warlord is actually meant to do within the clan and has there been any changes traditionally? Like was it the same in 2005 as it is now? I'll give a few examples: In my clan, True Ownage, we look for Warlords to be able to accept wars, post them up, help out with anything to do with the war, for example; leading, helping with tactics, and then post up on our forums of what went right/wrong, but they are given less power than the Leaders/Co Leader and equal power with our High-Council. So thinking about the above examples, I ask the following questions: [b]Does your clan have a Warlord?[/b] [b]What is the role of the Warlord?[/b] [b]In terms of power, is being a Warlord anywhere near close to being as powerful in your clan as a High Council member(or a rank equivalent)?[/b] [b]Traditionally, do you think the roles of a Warlord has ever changed in the past 5 years?[/b]
  7. To be honest, I kinda miss Tempted Killers from this community, but in more broader terms it would have to be SE.
  8. Rules are rules, exceptional pull LTH, keep that up, and I think a rematch would be good here. :thumbup:
  9. Good job, looks as if SE did alright, matched next time maybe?
  10. Hey KO, welcome to Tip.It. You're welcome for the help on posting an intro to here and TWR Mick. ;-)
  11. Wasn't actually, everyone was LOL'ing the fact I had no food and ran around like a headless chicken with 28 HP left, and screaming on TS. :P Wasn't the screaming, it was the singing <3 No, it was both. It was good fun. :thumbup:
  12. Came about half way through, had good fun and had to laugh at the guy that typed 'idiots' rather than eating instead. :razz:
  13. But you warred, and you won fair and square so therefore you should keep your victory, I was just letting you know that you can't just restart a war due to some disconnections and then say they were dropping too slow. It seemed my post was a little harsh looking back at it, and I don't want to be seen as taking anything away from your win, as I watched the war, and you had firm control of it throughout. So sorry about that, but think about it next time. :thumbup:
  14. Looks like you did great! Good job SE. :thumbup:
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