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  1. Way to go N_odie. :thumbup: :thumbup: You were just saying to me, the other day, you needed a break from the tip.it grind :wall:. Now see what you get :lol:. :pray: :pray: Long Live ADMIN. N_ODIE :pray: :pray:
  2. It all depends how I feel and what I'm doing. but I do listen to both when no one is around. It does add some to the game in places.
  3. Been waiting :ohnoes: for this weeks TIMES always a good read =D> . TY
  4. I have to go with the TIMES. :thumbup: :thumbsup: :thumbup: It is the most mentally stimulating. Something one can sink their teeth in and many times get their RS creative juices flowing :idea: . WRITE ON!!!
  5. good articles once again. Keep it up :thumbsup: The skilling article was spot on. If we all had to start over I am sure we would be thankful for all the advances JAGEX has made with RS.
  6. I've always enjoyed a little brake in the monotony. :wall: And I am looking forward to some of the new rewards. but I have played like 10 - 20 hours and nothing. I suppose many are happy not to be bothered as often, but I for one miss "that little spice of life" randoms provided. :cry:
  7. THAT was a very nice issue of Tip.It Times =D> . I appreciated the opinion of the writer of GOING SOLO; there is a time for everything under the sun, a time be with friends, and a time to be solo. I find RS to be full of both. Questing perhaps is geared toward going it solo, but when you spend any time skilling you see many making friends if not on a temporary case, they at time end up working in other areas too. It is nice to have a choice. ForsakenMage :thumbup: thank you for the nice story and ending it in a positive way, had me scared :o there for a second. But what a great finish. And who can resist a good ol' fashion codbreathed penguin hunt. :twisted: :twisted: whoop! whoop!
  8. :ugeek: I'm sad :( to say I am addicted, and I would bet that most, that put less than several times a day, are in denial :roll: . But hay whose keeping track. ;)
  9. :ugeek: I use tip.it style, I guess it is the one I started with. I just found out I could change it, tried it, Didn't like the other ones. I will stick to the ONE, the ONLY, the ORIGINAL ONE!! tip.it STYLE!!!!!!!! =D> =D>
  10. :ugeek: I have read the TIMES and once again; =D> GOOOD JOB EVERYONE =D>.... Nice artical on the New CEO of Jagex, every insightful, we all hope it holds true. In this era where people talk allot but accomplish little of what they said they would do.. It is nice to see that things are already being done in the world of Jagex. Thanks again for the other articles they are always a nice read. Well Jonnybeeking OUT!!!!! The KING Has left the building
  11. I do enjoy the fun factor, \ but oh how sweet it is when the rewards roll in :thumbsup: .
  12. :ugeek: At the rate I am advancing :wall: , it will be years before i will be able to complete the quest, if it has any significant skills and quest completions necessary. #-o But to those who qualify !!!Play On Dudes!!! :thumbsup:
  13. Been playing for about 9 mo. =D> and still feel like a :mrgreen: noob sometime... But keeping up the fight!! :lol: :lol:
  14. ha ha ha, I Made it 2nd. And so far so good on the articles. Bye, got finish reading them!!!! :thumbsup: \
  15. I :ugeek: read all the articles, and once again I was not dissappointed =D> . . . . . And now I have left my post. So, Good bye :boohoo:
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