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  1. how do you make broad tipped bolts?
  2. i still dont see it... please help me someone
  3. please help me on this clue
  4. im stuck on this clue. "you will need to wash the old ash of your spade when you dig here. but the only water nearby is stagnant." i know its on the braindeath island. but where is the water.? which spot exactly help please
  5. ok i have to dig in there but my problem is the bridege is broken its telling me to go to a tunnel. i dont get it? someone help please.
  6. hi im tryna do all the quest. i need to get lvl 66 crafting. so far i have lvl 62. what is the fastest way you think that will get me to lvl 66? i used the stealing creation needle w/ the green dragon hide. i mean im looking for something inexpensive & fast.
  7. hi i finished the quest. im on the rogue's castle right now trying to find the invisible portal so i can get my 10k smithing xp. can someone point one where its at? is it on the first floor? second or third? n where is the broom leaning on the wall that the guide is talking about. i seroiusly cannot find it. help please.
  8. im on the part where i have to catch 4 of the animals. everytime i hit "investigate box trap" or bird snare. it says the trap hasn't been smoked yet. how do i do that? idk how to catch these can someone explain please im desperate ive been on this place for almost 3 days.
  9. what is the fastest way to train hunting? right now im doing box traps catching ferrets. im lvl 44 hunting i wanna get 48 as fast as poossible. any suggestions?
  10. hi im playing on doing this quest soon as soon as i figure out this part. i have all the requirements... Requirements: Levels: Level 16 Crafting Level 30 Construction Level 50 Prayer Access to a Player Owned House workshop Ability to defeat a level 170 monster without using Prayer what is "Access to a Player Owned House workshop?" can someone explain please and if i had to make it how do i make it... help please thanks in advance.
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