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  1. I'm sort of in the same position as the OP. I haven't been active since May'09 and there's a lot of things I've read in this thread that weren't even out when I was playing I really enjoyed playing the game before, especially minigames, questing & PvP. I would go on once in a while, and already I can tell the game feels different. Hitting 10x what I did before, clans, and how less social the game is makes it feel like a whole different game. I want to play again, but this thread and many others I've read are really discouraging me. Is it worth it to come back? I'm pretty sure all my friends quit too.. :(
  2. Hello, Well I used to be really active on TIF and RuneScape, and was last active at around.. May 2009? Since then, [i think] my friend's cousin has been hacking my account and I've been recovering it again when I noticed, and it would go back and fourth but I think it stopped a few months ago. He got me like 1 level (98 to 99 firemaking) and used my free 7 day membership and changed my IGN when those features came out. I want to play RS again, and I plan to get membership again and commit to the account a lot, maybe even play with old TIF friends again if they still play (Tanis5439, wcingispro, Abc1230 - I don't remember all the numbers lol) but I don't want my account to be in risk of this hacker. I've changed my recovery questions and password multiple times, and connected the account to an email address when that feature came out too. But after all that, it seemed to still get hacked. I've gone so far on this account and spent most of my grade 5-7 days on it, and it's my first ever account created back during the Christmas 2005 event (which I didn't even know how to do lmao) it has sentimental value to it too :( so I am not willing to start all over again. My IGN was Ks631 but the hacker changed it to Ojt (wtf) and I don't even remember what my TIF account was, it may have been this one or one named Ks631 so if anyone remembers me, which I highly doubt, then that's another plus for me ^.^ So, any ideas on what I should to to make it as secure as possible?
  3. all these are really easy but i can see where youre going because cooking has the risk of burns (which can be completely avoided with the right levels), and firemaking takes alot of clicking (which is why i chose it third)
  4. cuz i want one really quick and these are quick
  5. Hey Tip.Iters, Im trying to decide which skillcape I should go for. Either: Fletching (level 80 atm), Cooking (level 71 atm), or Firemaking (level 65 atm). I prefer to get them in this order: Cooking, Fletching, Firemaking, but I want the opinions of fellow Tip.Iters. I dont care that my Fletching is closest to 99 or my Firemaking is the farthest from 99, I just want to get the fastest and cheapest one right now. I will probably get all three by the end of 2009 anyways. My budget is around 5m for now. Thanks in advance, -Ks631
  6. iKs631 is now my new account, and Ks631Pistons will not be used from now on.
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