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  1. Post your IGN on here! Or make me offers per bracelet.
  2. OMGGGGGGGG I finally got it .... YES! I am so happy right now, I've spend so much time on this skill and finally got it ... Due to excitement I forgot to took a screeny though. :? ANYWAYS! I want a cool outfit to go with my runecrafting cape .. Pic's + item names prefered :D
  3. Well, lets state it this way, I'm looking for a way to get proper magic EXP and don't lose too much money .. so superheating? what about stun alching?
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if High Alching stuff is still profitable? if so which item? Couldn't seem to find anything on google :( Kind regards!
  5. Thanks guys, imma start with green d'hide bodies then! thanks for the tips :)
  6. Hiya, this might be in the complete wrong sub-forums so if it is, my sincere apologies ;) I was wondering, what's the best crafting EXP p/hour? Money isn't really an issue as long as it doesn't cost me 300m ;D Oh yeah, i'm lvl 61 atm! Hope to hear from anyone soon, regards! >:)
  7. Omg, im so jealous right now :D. Super well done mate 10/10
  8. Thank you very much, Ill go and try it out.
  9. Hi guys I want to go for 99 cook but I don't know the best spot, well I do know that cooking guild bank/range is the best but I can't really be arsed to get the Varrock Achievement Diaries so. What's the second best spot? xD
  10. Hi guys im doing the Wanted! quest but while I was entering Canifis and Savant started talking to me about the "slow teleports" I accidently clicked the conversation away, Now I don't get "clue" that tells me where I should search for Solus. Anyone knows what to do now? =\ Thanks in advance.
  11. Can anyone tell me whats the best too alch nowadays? And i'm 83 mage, Anyone know what 4m cash will take me too as a mage lvl? xD Thanks in advance!
  12. Whats the best too alch at this time? I got around 5m will that get me from 83-99? or anywhere near.
  13. Hi guys, I wanted to log on this morning and I saw my pw was changed so I changed it again, renewed recovery questions and it worked well. Want to get on now and the damn pw is changed again!? .. What to do .. I can't do anything I ran a trojan killer and a virus-scan and It can't find anything.. Please help me out!
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