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  1. Does wool serve any purpose other than looking like sand that doesnt have to have a block under it?
  2. I havent seen any squids yet, acording to the wiki they are completely passive though.
  3. And demon, it looks from the third pic that you found a pretty good build site. It was originally just a hill, i mined half the hill once, took me two hours. didnt really do anything so im not really sure why i did it as my base looks pretty crappy on the outside :P EDIT: I just had the most epic spelunking experience ever. i was tired of organizing crap in my chests and finishing off my tower and was running sort of low on diamonds so i decided to go mining, i went into a shaft id had some decent luck with and found a huge cave, with loads of waterfalls and pools of lava. i only brought one stack of torches though. after a while i run out and couldnt find my way back to my mine shaft, so i made a stairway to the surface. I had never been more than 150 blocks away from my base above ground so seeing plains freaked me out lol. i cut down a nearby tree and made a workbench and then a forge and compass and found my way home. was loads of fun, i found i think 14 diamonds and over 100 iron.
  4. [hide=Story tiem]Recently got this, its loads of fun. It anoys the hell out of me that diamonds degrade though :P Ive tried my hand at mob traps and although both attempts ultimately succeded in killing mobs, it was far to slow and took hours to do. Yesterday i started making my first building for fun instead of function, its not pretty but i thought it was cool. I started with a small island straight in front of my spawn and base. i leveled it and made a wall of cobblestone in the water around it covering an aprox 20-16 area, i then filled it completely wih dirt/sand to rid it of water then du it out and mined the stone. i then made a 16-11~ base and started building leaving a 3-6 or 7 hole in every 3 block high floor. after three floors it was at ground level, i then flooded the remaining area between my soon-to-be tower and the wall keeping the water out. i built it about 5 floors higher and then made a crap ton of glass and went back to the basement and made this from the lowest to the highest point: After that i made more glass, striping a large section of the beach north of my base of sand. i made the dome-like thingy seen in the first pic and filled it with dirt and iragated it for a hanging garden. Havnt planted wheat there yet though. And heres a pic of my base as seen from the dome.[/hide]
  5. Im just glad i will have another game to be adicted to for a few months. I hope it doesnt take to long to get cash for whatever weapon i decide i like best, one thing that sucked about prestiging in mw2 was losing my acr or tar21 or m16a4. Oh and its going to suck and be awesome custimizing my stuff, suck because i have about as much creativity in my body as a jar of dirt and be awseome because we wont all look like clones.
  6. Well you see, lacking certain female parts i do not automatically get a certain ration of freinds.

  7. Jesus Demons....you look like such a loner <3

  8. I remeber a suggestion on the ign forums about this. Also ninjas main effect is silent [email protected]@(or did i remeber that wrong)
  9. Is it just me or is cod getting closer and closer to an mmo? EDIT: not that thats a bad thing, looks like it will be fun.
  10. Cutting it close i see with your hp. Grats on 97 though. Was trying to die in house so i wouldnt have to recharge summ/hp but got bored and just ate rofl.
  11. i decided what to do with the extra time, gonna get 99 today :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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