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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Sorry to confuse this is for my mage alt, in ftp.
  3. Title says it, cost isn't a problem just need to know of good places to do this at.
  4. Just looking for a spot to use fire bolt's + chaos gauntlets to get some decent mage exp.
  5. I would add a little gold and detail to the knee, legs and around the base of the pant legs.
  6. Happy birthday !

  7. I don't know rates on these, but alching you can net money if you find the right items and you can fire bolt metal dragons with chaos gauntlets if you have them.
  8. You're welcome. Hope you had a good day.

  9. Thanks dream, at least someone notices when I become one step closer to the grave ^_^

  10. Game is split screen up to 2 playes offline co-op just for you Lionheart.
  11. Yes I am currently planning on making it p2p and going to use it for pking mostly. Anyways thanks slay.
  12. I find the cornucopia very useful, as you can use regular cakes and turn them into single bite food :grin: this makes it a cheaper option then using lobsters.
  13. Any other skills needed other than hp def and range? Need advice here
  14. Not my stats in sig, I'm making a new account.
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