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  1. *Waves* Hullo! A rat or several? *Looks at her cages* My d pl8 is your d pl8! It's going up and down sooo much >.< My clan ain't a proper registered clan, but they are friendly and you'd make a great fragment collector while they defend the obelisk! If, that is, they fix the glitch that makes me hit 0s all the time so I can PLAY! WCing has been back burnered while I slay :D grats on your lvls there!!
  2. Well well here is moi, doing a random search on my username (Yes yes, vanity gets you nowhere but I do like to see what's been said about me ;)) and I find this! Thanks for the mention and anytime you need (or just plain want to) borrow anything you know where I am ;) Must meet up at some point with my clan for a game of SW. Most or my clan are about 115+ and some higher so it'll be fun :D
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