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  1. Hey there :P I'm RSD currently and have been for 2 years, so i'm not THAT old school =( but you will have much better luck on our forums: http://runescapedinasty.com/forums/ Glad to see an old face is back on scene =) You will find a lot of people have left, but will still likely find a few legends lurking around!
  2. Personally i enjoy fighting the same clans. It allows members to get grudge matches going, and gives them a heightened perception of the clans true strengths. If you war the same clans over and over again, itm ost certainly means you are of roughly equal capabilities, thus delving into the abyss of the unknown when you make a declaration, or accept. I believe that this is also one of the best ways to bring out the true potential of your clan, as you find members caring more about the outcome.
  3. Good job hades. It is great to see two clans of this size being able to battle for such an extended period of time, and having fought both clans before, i am sure it was an admirable fight :)
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