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  1. Been a long time since I played runescape, and a longer time since I've posted on this forum. Took up corping, dunno how long I'll be playing rs for; probably until the holidays are over, if that. But until then I will most likely spend my time corping. Last kill of trip as you can tell by my dialogue. First split ever at corp, so that's pretty cool. Popped into runescape, and within the first 2 seconds I get a message to come to zam. Havent been there since I was in my lower 100s, so naturally I pop over for a quick duo. Couple kills in, I get this. Nice little welcome back for now present. Edit: Here are my charms after a couple trips of corp (not all from corp obv, but earliest start pic I could get) [hide=charms] [/hide]
  2. Woo.. where to begin. Well, I've been duoing bandos with a good friend of mine for a bit now, and we've gotten some good drops. This hilt is my first ever bandos hilt, and although it's only worth 4m, it's worth a lot more to me. Decided to then go and get a spectral + bcp over karils top + dfs. I lose a bit of mage def and 3 str, but gain a butt load of range defense, melee defense, and some absorbs. Plus the little bit of prayer is nice too. We'll see how this 56m investment works out. 20m hp exp achieved. :D
  3. First bandos drop ever, made especially special seeing how partner called it. In other news... 13m-22m str exp all through GWD over the years now. Let's see how long it takes me to reach 30m GWD only.
  4. Been awhile since I posted here. Ah well, since then I've gotten turm and now 99 herblore, taking advantage of the bonus exp weekend. 5.7m is all today, from about level 93. 450 ovls, 10k ext atts, and 1.5k of every other ext pot besides prayers, which I'm making later tonight. Coupled with my gear, I'm aiming for 96 summ now, 99 prayer, and an arcane.
  5. INCREDIBLE!! One of the all-time best RuneScape videos I've ever seen! Good luck!! Wow, I'm going to have to agree with that! Sequel please :D
  6. I quit for good 6 months ago, and gave away all my possessions of value to a long time friend of mine. (Around 100m). Recently, however, with no football and loose work hours recently I've found time to do some f2ping. At first I just logged on and chatted while watching NFL network in the zezima chat. Then, I don't know why, but I started to mine. I always hated it and never quite knew how I got to level 66 in the first place, but decided to grab a pickaxe and head to a nice f2p mining spot. Garnered 16.8k exp/hr there. Kept going until I found myself training like the old days, logging long boring hours while multitasking yadda yadda. Realized I really did miss it. Enough to get 70 mining, at least. [hide=Mining pics] [/hide] Last pic is the ores I mined from 66-70. Don't know whether or not I want to become a member again. If I did I told myself I'd restrict myself to the basic skills I didn't touch before, like mining. Fishing would be next, a nice "break" seeing how much I needed to concentrate between the iron, keeping my eyes on the coal, and fighting for position with a bunch of level 50s with steel pickaxes. Don't know if it will work, but I'm getting the idea of setting parameters for skills if I were to rejoin, such as 2 levels here on this skill, 2 levels there; so that I don't get worn out on big goals, and even out my skills. I don't know, it sounds interesting to me.
  7. 5th to last kill of task. They really dropped, like everything else. Well, anyways, I thought I was down to 70m. Turns out i'm up to 84m magically. No idea how, seeing how all my stuffs dropped. Whatever, i'll take it.
  8. Forced myself to do some dging: And then I forced myself to go on a sara gwd trip. Got it on vid but no pics. Hilt and 2 ss within 24 kc, then another ss and two shards in 60 kcish. Epic trip, though both of them tele'd. Guess 18m is too much for them to risk.
  9. 37th ss. 6th in 2 days of sara lol. First trip of the day, 4th kill. Its vidded too but I haven't posted a recent pic so scrolled up and took it :P
  10. Thanks brett, good luck to you as well :)
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waO41gz63tc Video commemorating one of my most memorable GWD trips. First day with a uni, 2nd trip of that day. 18m total. Sweeeeeet. Used the money to get this: Making extremes has never been easier. Greenman's Ale(m) and boom!. Made 100 total extremes in a minute or two. Before to make 100 it would take several hours of collecting brown spices -.- The biggest drop of that trip:
  12. Been my goal since august, finally got it. Will make rs life so much easier, plus gwd. Now I can bandos too :o
  13. Been my goal since august, finally got it. Will make rs life so much easier, plus gwd. Now I can bandos too :o
  14. Grats on all the stuffs :) Keep at it, almost there!
  15. I've had a string of lucky clues, my last 5 brining in well over 2m total. This will be the only one i'lll be posting due to lazyness.
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