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  1. Put a post on there hopefully they see it before pins gone, thanks either way dude.
  2. Did you try this? http://www.runescape...=beginappeal.ws Are you trying to recover Txny? Works for me when I put that username in. Txny is my display name but if i use my username only email comes up,would display name work? recovs dont come up either if i put txny
  3. If anyone has any other suggestions id be greatful, running out of time here
  4. Anyone know how i can find the manual recovery form?
  5. i sent them one yesterday with no reply. edit: it also says in the auto reply it may take them 2 weeks, my pin will be long gone by then
  6. just tried, it only blocks me from trying another email for an hour
  7. i could answer every single thing about my account, but i dont understand how to get to it anymore? i only get the email option
  8. When i tried to recover using email, they tell me its wrong. I cant find out where i manually recover my account. ive emailed and posted on the account loss thread on the forums with no reply at all. Im at a loss here and unsure what to do and my pin only lasts like 4 more days. I apologize if im not ment to post this here but i really dont know what i should do
  9. Jagex wont do anything, learn a lesson from it and be glad you only lost 3m. Try to remember what world you are on in future i guess :P
  10. any recommendations on how to get the money for ovl/turm?
  11. yeah turm/ovls is what im trying to go for here, just looking for diffrent ways to earn money is all
  12. didnt start playing again till quite recently so dont really know many people on rs now, thanks though
  13. Just wondering if corp is a viable way to earn money, stats in sig. thanks :)
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