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  1. ( little bit off topic ) does any1 know where i can find some good lebron james pics? if not ill just have to take a pic of myself dunking lol im serios though, about where i can find some sweet pics
  2. hi people, i am an amatuer "sig maker" and i kinda just wanna know which of these sigs i shuld use. and ifi dont get flamed too bad i would like some tips on sig making. thanks or
  3. hillary duff= 11 12 13 14 yr old boy fantasy... me myself, i kinda lean towards halle berry :wink:
  4. omg i cant belive i sat here and read every page on this topic. You guys must have really had fun making zelda sigs. every sig everyone made was sweet. just thought id say that 8)
  5. oh! its a freindly dragon! lol about the pokemon thing doenst need arms! maybe its like a t-rex with lil stubbies for arms :D
  6. Man that siggy owns, but one thing, ur dragon looks "girly". dragons supposed to mean and ugly and RARRRR, u know what i mean? ^that wasnt a flame^ just an observation no sarcasim or negativism intended :D
  7. thanks for your replies, it seems more people think that psp is easier but ps is better. i think ill try the trial programs see which i like better.
  8. i am currently looking for a photoediting program and i want to know which is better, adobe or paintshop? which is easier to use? and i also want to know if i can add animations to my sigs with either of these. please let me know ur opinions of the two.
  9. HAHAHAHA! THANKS DUDE! i found the one i was looking for! OWNED!
  10. hello every 1, back on the old boards i saw a pic that i really liked. it was a pic of a lil pitiful lookin white kid in a barbershop with his hair all jacked up and it said OWNED. can some1 post that 4 me? that picture was hilarios and i wanted to do somthin with it. thank ya much, holla
  11. ah ok, thanks. just wanted to know hehe
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