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  1. looks really nice, would make a nice wallpaper!
  2. its kinda fun... fight me to join, and help me too .[ReferralLinksNotAllowed].com]http://com[ReferralLinksNotAllowed].[ReferralLinksNotAllowed].com
  3. i doubt that it will be that big of blow out, but without Bennie OSU is screwed. Dam it.
  4. thank you guys, that did the trick, you guys are smart :ugeek:
  5. Im sure most of you can code this in your sleep, but I can't seem to get the hover to work on my table. I can get it to switch background-color, but when I try background-image it won't do it. In fact, I tried to put a background-image on the table without hover and it didn't show up. I will post the the code around the area, just because I think I might have coded something incorrectly previously. Don't make fun of my CSS/HTMl noobiness, I suck at coding! HomeAbout UsPlace RequestContact UsExamples tr.menuhome:hover is where my problem is. Thank you.
  6. First off, a dentist is not a doctor, different schools and different training and different requirements. Second if you are going to be a dentist/doctor I suggest you go to your state university (aka the cheapest place you get in). Grad school, specifically medical/dental school, is extremely expensive, save money now. The only thing medical school/dental school care about is GPA and your test scores. State Univeristy are usually easier because they have a lot of people - considering that most pre-medical/dent classes are on a bell curve, it will be easier for you to get an A. Medical/Dental schools don't care about the name of your Uni. Being a dentist is an awesome job too btw, only have to work like 35 hours a week (4 days a week) and you make bank. It can get a little boring, but you can easily go into the business aspect of it if you have good business skills. Make sure you don't have any back problems, and being artistic/good with your hands will make it easier for you. Speaking from experience. Don't listen to people randomly naming schools, that is not going to help you at all.
  7. if im not mistaken riding a bike and running uses different leg muscles, those are not totally similar. I would say that you do some actual running, if you can. Other than that biking is good, but its also not that great of a stamina builder, once again i think running would do you a lot better (consider that you are running the 400).
  8. holy [cabbage] its like squeaky clean
  9. Love Skype! I think that is what I will try, I didn't know it could do video! I heard great things about the telephone service. This is free right btw?
  10. I didn't know CFL was really that popular in Canada, I thought it was like the European version only just able to hang on. That's awesome though. I love football, and I would definitely watch CFL if I lived in Canada. I noticed that you guys have your goal posts in front of the TD zone, which I think is weird because of the prospects of injury. I guess thats a little bit old school NFL though. You guys have any other major differences?
  11. I am going away from my house for a long time, and my mom wants to see me during this trip via live video. So i am trying to figure out how to do this. I realize i have to buy one of those cam things for both computers, but what software will allow me to talk to the other person for free via the internet? I have no idea where to start lol, every time i search video chat all I got is porn. :thumbdown: ----> \ Anyway does someone have any recommendations on any things they have used?
  12. It seems like an ideal life now, but when you grow older you will realize that your life has been wasted doing nothing but smoking and sitting on the computer. You will look back and realize that one day was no different then the next. What is the point of living that life if the next day will be the same as the others before? In my opinion, any good life requires one to live with a purpose and goals. There should never be a time when you are settled, and feel like this is it, this is my whole life. If there are no goals, whats the purpose? Going with that, that is why I think everyone should have a job that lets them accomplish more then just punching in to survive, and why family is so important.
  13. Prom is pretty baller, hope everyone was successful (i hope you know what i mean, wink wink)
  14. found a fork in my burger one time, broken in half. I drove around ordered something and then threw the burgers in their face
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