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  1. ok what does esteem do, does it affect siphon rate?
  2. Ok so a long while back, I got the master runecrafting robes. Will they work in here for more exp?
  3. I pick coconuts from my full grown palm trees already as I am 99 farming. I sometimes do herbs religiously, but find out that the coconuts have not grown back yet in 90 mins, is why I am asking this.
  4. For the palm trees wiki says it takes 45 mins per coconut to grow. I don't think this is the correct time, as every other herb run i do all 6 coconuts are there. Does anybody know the correct time for this?
  5. when you say saradomin sword, do you mean saradomin godsword? I have at the moment a bandos godsword, which is the same stats but different specs i think. Thank you all for the advice
  6. OK so i am slolwly getting back into the game. My combat stats are 71 att, 72 str, 70 def, 53 prayer, 65 range, 97 magic, 61 summ. I am currently wearing full dragon with dragon full helm trimed, whip, ring of wealth, fury, farming skill cape. For TRAINING PURPOSES or PVM ONLY what should i get if I sell my dragon? I was thinking sgs, bandos tassets, bandos chest plate, maybe zerker or warrior ring for melee. But beyond this i got no idea what to get for 1h weps and what shield to use. For range i was thinking full black d hide when i hit 70, black d hide helmet from fog, fury and i got no idea what else so need some help hear. Magic I am prolly going to just alch to 99, and i dont usually use this much outside of quests or farming/teleporting
  7. So i just got my master greenfingers aura. And I reclaimed the other 2. So I have greenfingers, greater greenfingers, and master greenfingers. Because herbs take 90 mins to grow, but these auras last 20 mins and protect from diseases. When is the herb growth cycle like? is there a chance to get diseased every 5 mins? or is it 20-30 mins? Also can i just equip these auras to protect the herbs from disease?
  8. Just a question: I get 2 spins daily because I am a member. If I buy more spins do I just get to use them one time? or do they keep coming back daily? So if I bought the 10 dollar one I would have 2 spins from member + 25 spins daily?
  9. Just a couple questions 1) What is the best formation for the box trapping there at herblore habiat? I have been just doing a straight line is there a better one? 2) What is BEST to hunt for uguene seeds for the ju ju farming pot? I know a lot of the jadkinos drop them, but which one is BEST to hunt for this seed as I want to make A LOT of ju ju farming potions? 3) How long does getting a uguene seed for the ju ju farming pot usually take?
  10. tell me more about this runescape toolbar. I use google chrome and never heard of it.
  11. Is there a way to remember these in game? like when the timer is up? for each of these. I know I will prolly forget when I did these during the week
  12. So i am just starting to ease back into the game, and was wondering what are all the daily/weekly/monthly things I can do for xp. The only things I remember is the circus for weekly, and jack of all trades for daily. What am I missing?
  13. What about the casual players who like questing or tasks, but not can due said quests or tasks until they reach XX level of what ever skill. Just a recent example for my case, is that you need 81 in hunter to do well in herblore habitat to catch all the jadkinos, and 70 just to start the mini game. The only thing I really wanted was to get the herbs for ju ju farming potion, but to do even do that at a minimum i need 74 hunter which will be a slow catch rate. In this game all the "good" content means getting insanely high levels which means tons of time spent "grinding". I have been playing for a while and just got my first 99 (farming) because I play very casually, but to make good money with farming i need a lot of ju ju farming potions, remote farming, and access to torstols herb. Getting to these levels takes time, which a lot of people don't have. But these people still want to play the game, i just recently am coming close to 74 hunter and got the rest, well because i been playing for years. More examples can made for other money making skills like fishing sharks or rock tails, wood cutting for magics or yew, hunter for chins or pawas, mining for mith/addy/rune or coal, or slayer to get the good drops at fast pace to just name a few. All of these require high levels which take tons of time. And to get the money for good gear you need to do some of these of skills which take time. Then you need to spend more time getting all the other levels you need for quests. What solves this problem is money farmers who sell gold for real cash, or bots. I honestly think no new person to game wants to spend HOURS of grinding just to get to the good content of this game. I tried to get my friends to play and even solving the problem of cash for them (i would give them some of mine, and make them some armor), they hated the fact that they had to grind every skill to get to the quests which were great. A couple of them said i would still play the game if it was a lot easier to level so they can quest and do the tasks. They promptly canceled their membership after 1-2 months because of this. So making the game easier is much needed to attract new players and to make older players happy. I also have canceled my membership at times due to this fact as well, i only keep it going monthly for the loyalty points which kinda makes the game easier for some skills, but takes a ton of time to accumulate the points for the good auras. This is just my opinion and opinions of some friends that used to play the game, but it describes a good casual players perspective.
  14. Ok so to start off i am level 70 in hunter, and want level 81 (last jadkinko for herblore habitat), i failed getting to level 80 on bxpw :( my questions are: 1) What is the best place to level this at? red sallys? pawas? herblore habitat? 2) if I do herblore habitat is there a specific formation i should use for best xp? 3) how long will 70-81 hunter take? 4) people were telling me pawas are good money, but do they stack or do i need to make bank runs? 5) As i need to do herblore habitat for the seeds i need, should i just stick with that?
  15. according to the spreadsheet I was told about you need to have remote farming to really make torstols profitable, or snapdragons are better profit wise. Because when a torstol seed dies you lose a lot of your profits. Also with torstol farming for best profits you need to know when to sell. As usual atm the herbs are starting to crash because bxpw is over, so snapdragons might be good or you can buy bulk torstols for this reason. Actually, assuming you can buy everything at med, torstols currently win out by 25k more per run than snaps. It's usually a toss up between the two profit wise. What spreadsheet are you looking at? That being said, I agree in that snapdragons would be better unless you know when to buy/sell the torstols. It's a risky business, but the experience is awesome. Greenfingers also has a bigger effect on torstols, since the herbs are worth more. But yea, it sucks when you lose 1m on a herb run. the one you linked me to in my previous posts. Snap dragons win out according to that if you do not do remote farming.
  16. according to the spreadsheet I was told about you need to have remote farming to really make torstols profitable, or snapdragons are better profit wise. Because when a torstol seed dies you lose a lot of your profits. Also with torstol farming for best profits you need to know when to sell. As usual atm the herbs are starting to crash because bxpw is over, so snapdragons might be good or you can buy bulk torstols for this reason.
  17. well this will be done after the bxpw ends and herb prices drop drasticlly. I am more concerned with the amount of potions I need to make as to the cost. So how many should I make..
  18. so what do you suggest I do until I get to 84 herblore? Also after I get to there how many of the untradeables should I make if I want overloads?
  19. After looking over countless calcs and spreadsheets, I still have no idea how many pots I need to make to get to 99 herblore. At the end i want to have a lot of overload potions. I will prolly do this on the next bxpw in the fall btw as I do not have the gold to fund this. I currently level 78 herblore and I want 99. So how many of the following should I make to have 99 herblore? Remember this will most likely be done on the next bxpw while i gather the materials when herbs drop after March 19th. super attack? super strength? super defense? magic? range? extreme attack? extreme strength? extreme defense? extreme magic? extreme range? overload? So far from my rough calculations if I make 4200 of each I will get to 99 and then some, but I am not sure if there is a lower number. Can anybody help? thanks for all your help in advance.
  20. I as am getting 99 farming hopefully this weekend here is my tree run inventory and armor penance gloves spottier cape nature amulet or glory (1-4) exploers ring 4 or ring of wealth (1-4) Random pharoh green costume from members cuz it looks cool sorta Mud staff Falador shield Inventory 500 fire runes 500 nature runes 500 astral runes 500 air runes 500 cosmic runes 5 yew or magic saplings noted payment for yew or magic 6 palm tree saplings noted payment for palm trees 1 calquat sapling noted payment for calquat sapling teleport crystal (teleports you to elf spot) ju ju bag (teleports you to herblore habitat) I usually do the fruit and calquat trees once a day Sometimes I do the normal trees twice a day, and inventory is the same except the fruit tree and calquat tree. As for which trees I do first I usually do in this order brimhaven fruit tree calquat tree herblore habitat fruit tree varrock normal tree tree gnome village fruit tree (the maze one) tree gnome stronghold fruit tree tree gnome stronghold normal tree elf fruit tree lumby normal tree falador normal tree tavelery normal tree catherby fruit tree (can bank here to get ready for what ever) this should take around 15-20 mins depending on lag/chat etc... So you can do all these trees + 1 herb run in 20-25 mins. Hope this helps you, and you should pay close attention to the grow times of each tree/herb.
  21. So right now I am level 66 hunter, and will be doing red sallys on bxpw until lvl 70 hunter. What camo should I wear? What is the best way to get the bext xp per hour?
  22. *Chuckles* The aura information was correct, I was just looking at it wrong. Anyways, Hedgehog says it works for her and I asked a few people on Skype to check it out, and they said it works as well. I have no idea why it isn't working for you. well to clear things up, the drop down menu shows as Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and not t1, t2, t3. It works for me now thanks. Did not know remote farming makes so much of a difference.
  23. I'm not quite sure what the problem is.. You aren't supposed to be downloading it, you need to make a copy of it. Log in to Gmail -> File -> Make a copy..Then you can edit the cells in green. I have drop down menus for the juju section, so you don't need to worry about typing in different answers. I actually partially disallow it so that people only give the answers that will work. Scroll of life comes into effect by solely increasing profits based on my rate of getting seeds back. As for auras: No aura = none Greenfingers = T1 Greater = T2 Mater = T3 unreleased = T4 so yeah I typed the T1, T2, T3 in for auras and the spreadsheet is not producing any results. Even with out the drop down menu typing it in the box should work. So is something wrong here? I also saw on another post that some of the calculations might be wrong. I believe it was the torstol farming thread. Can you confirm that the aura box works because nothing i have tried is making the results come through.
  24. So I downloaded your spreadsheet and I was wondering How do I use it? I did not see a difference when I typed yes for ju ju section, nor did i really see how the scroll of life would come into effect. can you help me out please? Also for aura what do I type in as I do not have the master greenfingers yet but I have the greater one.
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