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  1. - Probably Woodcutting Eucalyptus

  2. Okay, Jagex has stated that when your old display name is taken, that the icon for name changes would go away. (The one next to your name in friends list) I had changed by name to the same thing last month (like a lot of other people do so there is no trace of your old name) and I was wondering when, if ever, will the icon go away from my name? If anybody knows the answer this would be great. I do know that Excl changed his name to the same thing, and some time later the icon was gone for him, but he may just have good enough connections to Jagex that he asked them to remove it :P Anyway, any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Yeah its kinda been a cross between what people have been telling me to do. Knives or c'bow... I'm probably going to try both of them out and see which gives me the best xp per hour on some tests. And for sure I'm going to train on Fire Giants.
  4. yeah that seems a bit wierd... and np!
  5. k lol thanks again. you have been a big help. =]
  6. My friends have said that this guide had helped them to get Nomad's Requiem done with... http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nomad_%28monster%29#Strategy_for_Defeating_Nomad
  7. All the way at the top of the forums page, right above the "Home" button, there should be some pictures of flags. That is where you can change your language.
  8. About how long do you think for a rough estimate, and about how many steel arrows and mith bolts should I buy? Thanks again!
  9. Yeah, you must go to the Grand Tree, first floor above the ground level, go east and talk to the guy to get to the hangar. Then on crash island talk to the other guy and go to Ape Atoll.
  10. Ok, so: 55-61 Magic Short with Steel Arrows 61-70 Rune Crossbow with Mithril Bolts Thanks!
  11. ^^ Title ^^ I would like to know the fastest way to 70 range, what to train on, and what gear (mainly is it bow/crossbow/other and what kind of bolts/arrows/other) Thanks!
  12. Question 1: Armoured Zombies. I have heard that they are the best Melee XP in the game. If this is true, what level should I start training on them to get an efficient XP gain? I was planning to start at them once I got 100 cb (80 attk, str, def). Does this sound like a good level to do so? Question 2: Range. I suck at it. Never really trained it besides quests and the circus. So I need some advise for training range. At my level, I was planning to train it on slayer while I'm training slayer. But I see a lot of people with crossbows. Are they better XP? if so, what type of crossbow and bolts? Thanks in advance! --Brett0wnz
  13. lol thats not till lvl 90, so i dont have to worry about that yet :thumbsup: but ill keep rocktails in mind for later =]
  14. ok, so it came down to what I thought. Gunna stick with monks after 99 wc... Thanks to all who responded!
  15. Hey all! I have a question. Does anybody know the approximate xp per hr rates for sharks and monkfish? Also, I did the math, and from my level, getting 99 fishing with monkfish will give me about 65m, with sharks it will give me about 160m! Yes, I know I can't fish sharks yet, but this is only an estimate. So my second question is, from a person who is getting 99 woodcutting on eucalyptus trees, is it worth it taking the time to get 99 on sharks and get the 160m, or should I stick with monkfish and get 65m? Thanks!
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