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  1. If you don't get 99 RC i'm gonna force you to get 99 Mining! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  2. Some people get to play computers in prison in my country, don't know why.
  3. That's nothing special, took me a month on my skiller 1-85 Mining --------------------------------------------------------------------- To the owner of the thread: Pretty nice account. You love defence much? [9,5/10]
  4. Thanks, Bought 2K coal and 1K iron, Making steel bars. :-) PS. 5,7M cash in bank :-)
  5. 9/10 for the ranged it clearly is a great achievement. 7/10 for the account, i don't like when people don't train most Non - Combat skills. ~Husky
  6. Skillers are cool. you will get pretty good stats soon. ~Feel free to add 100husky
  7. Meme, Chins aren't 1gp each you know.
  8. It would be best to train via slayer. but Yaks and Rock crabs can be good. And the monkeys on Ape Atoll. You know the ones that melee and are near altar. [Only need a wep and Protect from melee.] ~Husky
  9. If you are talking about 13 years and older. you get this message at the end of creating account with the age Younger than 13: Your account Zezia Husky has now been created with the password you have chosen. We recommend you make a note of it on a bit of paper and keep it somewhere really safe, in case you forget it. Please note that your account has been restricted to Quick Chat, as you are currently ineligible for full chat see our Terms and Conditions for more information. If you would like to have access to our full chat features, we require your parent or legal guardian to send us a completed parental consent form. To obtain a copy of the parental consent form, download this pdf file (50Kb). We have many guides and manuals on the RuneScape and FunOrb websites that you will find extremely helpful. The following are some of the most important that you will need to be aware of:. btw random account name. ~Husky
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