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  1. Blck would be me :) But yeah, been Envy since Nov. '09 and don't see myself anywhere else for a while. Great community and good wars.
  2. What mess? The purple/green dots south of pile are range unit.
  3. Today CA approached our leader Gokuu looking for a short prep matched fight. After a quick discussion it was set up as 30 minute CWRI starting at 6pm EST. Rules: 30 min CWRI Classic Arena5 Ranger cap2 Sniper capBlasts offCurses offCorrupt offRings onNorth Attacks We got off to a good start with a solid tank from Eww Aidan and a quick first kill to give us a 3-0 lead. We kept the lead up the entire fight, pulling away as the fight went on. Envy Starting: Condemned Army Starting: [18:55:35] Blck you got ca starting? [18:57:54] Razhta uhh nop [18:57:56] Razhta let me ask em [18:57:59] Blck kk [18:58:18] Razhta nobody has it sorry :s Ending: Other Pics: Good job guys and gals. Thanks for the fight CA.
  4. Couldn't be there either, but looks like my babies did good. Looks like a pretty good, clean fight too. Lightspeedpk<3
  5. Envy our Legacy. Gonna be fun times.
  6. good work akel thanks for the good clean fight interqueo :)
  7. madcat471, i've read a few times now that everton and juan are working on setting up a rematch, maybe you should try reading all the posts before posting and causing yourself to look stupid
  8. last i checked, this is a fansite, and i just named rsc and zybez as examples of fansites so he'd understand what it meant
  9. sad, i set it up as no post, even had to explain what 'no post' meant.
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