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  1. :o STOP GOING SO FAST! OMGZ! Good fight Pick, good fight. Also, check your messages. Husky got our fourms up.
  2. Holy cabbage! You have a lot time on your hands. And yes, you will get credit \
  3. Add me too the list. RuneScape should get a new skill.
  4. Thanks. I DID have the colored and the shaded picture (my l33t friend shaded), but I sent that one into JaGeX. So if I get it back, I WILL post it. Also, I'll try. EDIT: Oh crap, I just did it again, didn't I? :(
  5. I know it isn't colored. I didn't get time to color it. I'm coloring it today in School, so, yeah. Expect it later today. And, it isn't shaded because... well.... I don't know how to shade.
  6. Whoops. Forgot to say. The trim on the hood and cape flashes skill colors (Like Firemaking, It would flash orange and gold, for the trimmed cape.) Sorry for the inconvience.
  7. Well, hi everyone! My name is Y Hai Thar, and I'm a concept drawer. My Latest Concept: The Total SkillCape All you need to read is the white paper. I didn't color it cause I was pressed for time. More coming soon TBH!
  8. Hey Pick, you ready to see my picture? Then, go and find it! It should be on there. EDIT: My picture sucks :cry:.
  9. :ohnoes: You iz goingz forz anotherz goalz? Your are a fast rebounder! Good Luck, Still.
  10. Hey Pick, I just made me a Fishing and Cooking skiller pure. Add: Fishing Potz ~Thar
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