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  1. From Runehead's site: Hi RuneHead users, as you may know already, somebody hacked RuneHead and deleted the database (the passwords are encrypted so they cannot steal those). It's sad that somebody would do such a thing to a non-profit website that I keep online just as a free service to RuneScape players with not even a "donate" button or any ads. I've restored a backup but if you lost your memberlist and didn't have a backup yourself, then you can thank the script-kiddie that thinks he's boss for newb-hacking a non-profit website. --//-- Runehead restored it's functionality only minutes ago, but the backup-database they are using now is rather old. I guess the current list is at least 6 months old. I don't hope it's too much work now for Isthatok to get to a new and updated list. Sad to see this all happening :sad:
  2. Amazing PK.. I got piled 3 times as a blaster in multi and survived all 3 of the attacks, dragging them to single. I never knew I had this tanking in me...lol. Nice loot also... 3 kills 0 deaths. (Nice pics Stormfolk|Thor =D> ).
  3. I just copy-pasted them from our boards but don't tell anyone. Lol. :thumbsup: I just revived this old tip-it account from years ago. I think i'm gonna use this one more frequently from now on. Good night Nick.
  4. A good fight, only a bit short. I had fun anyway. gf NG. Nice pics you made Thor :-)
  5. I found 11 players who might be eligible for the list (in the range of 1387 to 1406 total skill points). Here they are: Vamo666 (1406) Karl047 (1404) Ziom277 (1401) Pantalomama (1400) Bitor222 (1400) Mad Lurker (1396) Seankennedy7 (1395) Neodragon138 (1391) Wafeman (1389) Mithreas (1387) Heimsventus (1387) ;-)
  6. I think "Heksal" (1394) is eligible for the list.
  7. There are at least 2 puzzles with a ferret: ferret luring (on a pressure pad) and ferret catching (which is indeed for members). I've had the catching event twice so far. The first time I was in a team of 4 and nobody was able to solve it (all were non-members: thank god..lol). The second time I was alone and still had hopes to solve it, after reading some background information about a possible solution. To no avail: It seems you have to cut some dried out branches from the wall (that works for f2p-players) and then you have to cut a trap out of these branches with a knife (which doesn't work for f2p-players). It tells you that it can only be done by members. I think it gives members some hunter-skill-experience. The ferret-catching-event should be removed from f2p-worlds.
  8. About your posted time: dutch/belgian time is GMT+2 at the moment, and forumtime is BST (= British Summer Time, which is GMT+1) The time-difference between forum time and dutch/belgian-time is still 1 hour, which is correct ;) So.. are there now f2p-players with 1 or 2 agility levels? weird situation, if true. Anyway: Nice work. Maxing out all the old skills =D>
  9. Members have their first bonus XP weekend, with up to 2,7 times the XP when training skills. Depending on how it goes (will it affect runescape economy for the worse?), it might be possible for non-members to have these bonus-events in the future. This is the official statement of Jagex: Future bonus XP events may well be opened up to free players as well, but we're waiting to see how this one works before making that decision. Up here: http://devblog.runescape.com/view_post.ws?post_id=84 The thought is interesting...
  10. Ty for updating Lord Jake. Weird to see how it is going in the list... More and more people are fighting for a place in the bottom of the list: there is only 6 levels difference between the lowest 25 ranked players. Some "Old Skool Players" will be leaving the list soon (or have already left) due to inactivity, Like Bromotoffis, Danesi, Allud or Bikiniboybo. I still remember trading ores with Bromotoffis and Bikiniboybo in 2006. Those were the only 2 people I ever sold ores to (no kidding). I hardly ever sold ores before I got 99 smithing, but those 2 where part of the happy few who traded in runite ores in those days (The price was 12k for rune ores for a long time by then: there was no such thing as the exchange). If you wanted a trade in runite ore in those days, then you gathered at the anvils in Varrock in world 1.... Times have surely changed..lol Both became inactive in early 2007 and I never heard from them again, except from 1 weird incident about a year ago. A noobaccount (don't know the name anymore) started talking to me and said he was Bromotoffis. He said that his account got hacked and that he was unable to get it back anymore. I still don't know what to believe of this story. Today I met an other Old Skool player from the old list, from maybe a year ago and by coincidence. A low leveled player came up to me (Stejoe0101) and told me he was "Poseidon0001". He was a clanmember in my clan TF for about 3 years. He also had a great rank in the top-250-f2p-list for about 2 years: in 2006 and 2007 (He reached the top 50 at some point). Then he got bored with f2p and went to p2p. Now at 2000 total xp in p2p he got bored again with being a member and now plays on a noob account in f2p occasionally. He told me enough details to convince me that he was the right guy. --//-- Conclusion: p2p can be just as boring as f2p..lol :mrgreen:
  11. Of course I remember you. \ We trained a lot together in the past, mainly on smithing (al-kharid running) but also mining (the guild). Although you were like 20 combatlevels and maybe 400 total pts. lower than me by then (4 years ago), your smithing was already very high (85 or so) and I was no more than 1 level higher. It remember the fun of competition and I know I had to work hard to stay higher ranked in smithing than you... I know I had a bad day when you trained harder at a certain day by then..lol :thumbsup: At the end of 2005 I stepped into the clanworld. I created my own clan and that took so much of my time that I almost forgot skilling. Probably the need to add dozens of clanmembers made me delete you at some point (the f2p-friendslist is crap with only 100 people available, so it's adding and removing all the time). I skilled just enough to reach the top-200-f2p-list in 2006 and I stayed there for a while as one of the lowest rated players for a long time. Being there was enough for me..lol. (sometimes I dropped out of the list and came back the next week..lol). In january 2008 I said goodbye to the clanworld. The wilderness got removed by then and many of my clanmembers had more important things to do: mainly school and work. I left my clan at it's peak of fame, at that time ranked 98th in the runehead clandirectory; quite an achievement I think. (This was my clan: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tribalfury) Then I quit runescape for a while, to finish university (I got my degree in "Environmental Planning" in december 2008). I also said goodbye to the top 200-f2p-list, I just couldn't keep up with the others. Somewhere in 2008 (I think) you entered the top-250-list and you worked your way to a better place I've ever been. (My best rank in the top 200 list ever was 180..lol). Now you outrank me completely with total exp. The funny side of extending the top 200 to 250 was that I came back without any serious leveling. I came back at place 230..lol. Now working 5 days a week (for a local government), I still haven't got the time to excellerate in this list... I'm now at rank 245..lol. Anyway.. It's nice to know you still remember me. :) I hope everything is okay with you too. It's good to hear/see you back. Greetz Ali.
  12. I wonder if 1325 total exp. will be enough in the next update... :?
  13. Not associated? I thought the "top 250 f2p list" meant: "top 250 FOG TO PLAY list" Am I wrong??? :shock: --//-- :^o :lol: Now serious people: Laugh a little bit for a change. I only see too much tension and anger when someone brings up a little criticism in this forum. Criticism does not mean that someone is against you!!! Anyway: Good point! Time to end the subject :thumbup:
  14. I didn't know that (about the number 3 being f2p). It's good to hear that f2p-players can compete with p2p-players for the top FOG-positions. =D> . I don't mind giving them credit for their hard work. I only said that a list for FOG already exists, with p2p-players who deserve the same credit imo. The main question is this: "Is it harder for f2p-players, compared to p2p-players, to get FOG-points?" If the answer is yes, then the "f2p-FOG-list" is justified imo.
  15. Wrong: You don't have any advantage at all in the top-250-f2p-list when you use runecrafting-gloves or swordfishgloves. They only add a little to the money you can make. A fishingadvantage??? If you want exp.points only, then most f2p-players go featherfishing: thats way faster than fishing swordfish with gloves. A runecrafting advantage??? If you want exp.points only, then most people don't make air-runes (fire runes do a better job without any gloves) and most f2p-players make tiara's instead, for more exp. per run. Even when you have 77+ runecrafting and you give assistance at the air-run-altar, then you still have to go back from time to time to waste your time to get the tokens needed. Time you rather spend on making more total-exp instead. Combat training (including ranging) is also faster elsewhere (mostly in one of the two strongholds). So, I totally disagree with you :mrgreen:
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