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  1. ya the boards coming back to life I loved this one XD
  2. Oh sorry just got a little exited :rolleyes:
  3. This was accidentally put into the KB but was quickly removed I found this out on some other fan site Read what it says at the top
  4. Thanks :rolleyes: I normally pk with some friends so better fighters arent to big a problem
  5. so I recently got the idea to start PvP (mostly clan wars but some PKing) but im pure f2p but im not sure if my stats are low enough for me to change them so that i can dominate. Time and gp aren't a problem here are my stats 69 att 65 def 75 str 71 constitution 56 range 47 prayer 55 magic 86 cb My current goals are 80 att 80 def 90 str 90+ constitution 80 range 75 prayer 75 magic 107+ cb according to tip.its combat calc These can be adjusted if necessary
  6. tomorrows the last day according to the fally hairdresser. he said something about the skirt merchant in alkharid having the final pages and thats where to go next
  7. i wonder if the book while become equipable because it will serve no purpose after the event
  8. never mind found a thread with the answer wow i feal like an idiot:S
  9. never mind i see that it has started can someone tell me how to solve it in a hidden thing so no one who doesn't want to see doesn't:P
  10. i think guthix will go berserk and destroy all of runescape
  11. haven't done this quiz yet i probably will later
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