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  1. doubt it, was prob just poor coding
  2. we should just convert ehp and measure everything in # of agility laps
  3. Glad they made the helms untradeable as to not make Zulrah more money/hr
  4. ruthless hexis bullies invading tipit
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrO9q1sjSOU 1150 hours saved
  6. I feel like if someone other than me tried it, they'd realize how easy it was if you spam darklight
  7. If by trickshotting you mean two zulrahs at once then that died when they made it 4 phases and req 2 styles, only pic I have: it was honestly not hard if you think about it, no gear switching and only 2 possible paths to pick from. The coolest thing I can do now is do abyss rc while doing zulrah at the cost of 5+ kills per hour, so not even worth it
  8. AFIK randy plans on paying back the 1.4b he got 'donated'
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3E_tXj37zM&feature=youtu.be getting better
  10. if you plan on using them save them, looks like the ammunition poll is passing, atm you lose 100% of the darts you use but once that gets updated in 1-2 weeks those 5k rune darts will last you a lot longer
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEiHQnxoRwk If anyone has a setup that is more consistant plz share, I plan on camping till pet and I've already changed my inventories 3x since release
  12. Alright that explains why some speed kills used normal prayers and others used curses so thanks a lot for that. What is the priority for thresholds (most notably ranged), what I mean by this is assuming all my thresholds are up, which one should I be using first, second, third etc until the best of the thresholds is back up for me to repeat the cycle. At the moment I'm practically picking from random and my dps is suffering from not knowing.
  13. Hi, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to EOC related content and am looking to familiarize with it. Can someone tell me: Ability priorities (assuming x and y are both off cooldown what order would I use them in) , what abilities I should chain, and which I should never use for Dual Range, Dual Melee, Dual Mage and 2H Mage (I don't know how much abilities rely on diff gear but assume ascensions, drygores, seismics and noxious staff); If rushing ultimates is better dps than using thresholds if all your thresholds are up; Revolution setups for all three styles; Which prayer book is more effective for each style; I'm aware there is some information lying around on this on youtube but seeing that combat is frequently updated, I'm not too sure anymore Assume max stats/max gear/all pop unlocked thanks [=
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