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  1. May be an option, but I probably won't. :P I didn't know any other name, but I'll definetely make some money from RC on this account. :) And thanks for posting too. :)
  2. Yea, I just did that for 20k and then I did the quest for 29 Smithing. I just bought enough copper and tin for that level, smelt bronze bars. After 30, I bought ores for steel bars. Did that for awhile and then trained magic to 43. After that, I crafted 2k gold bars into amulets, sold for 350k. After that I just started superheating steel bars, and it was a nice profit to be honest. Right now I'm merchanting, since I won't be playing that much between the week, but yea. Next weekened definetely 70 Magic. :)
  3. Thanks everyone for the posts, I really appreciate them. :) I updated the thread with some pictures, I will upload some more after I take them. :P
  4. I think making gold rings until 8 and gold amulets after that is the best. You profit and it's about 40k xp/h, if you keep focused when banking. I used this method to train crafting all the time. :)
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I removed any color, so it's only bold and big text now. Until I can get some colors that match all themes, I'm going to keep it that way. ;)
  6. Hello and welcome to my Blog to achieving fame with 10 HP! I will divide this blog into sections; you can see them below. I. About my account II. My goal III. Random pictures IV. Blog I. About my account First off, I'm not going to give any indentifiable informations out; I just don't want to. About my account Rc F0r Gp was born a few months ago, when me and my friend just talked as usual. We were talking about kind of pures in RuneScape and we stumbled upon 10 HP pures. I didn't know what kind of pure is that, so I tried to look it up. I found Ellebreyals, probably one of the most achieved 10 HP pures in history of RuneScape. Anyways, I just told my friend to add my new 10 HP pure and I started playing. I can usually be found wearing this outfit. I've had it since the first day of account, I'm keeping it that way. :) I'm usually in world 16, either superheating or crafting. II. My goal My current goal is simple: 99 Magic with superheating. My first priority is to get Smithing level to 50, so I can smelt mithril. I'll be doing that by smelting steel bars in Al-Kharid for some nice profit. Once I get a good ammount of cash (5m), I'll start superheating. I'll check prices everyday, just to make sure I break even or profit. After 99 Magic my next 99 will be Smithing, since I'll already be halfway. For the rest of the way, I'll just mix superheating with smithing iron platebodies. I'll also start to merchant, to earn me enough money. Of course, I'm still playing on my main (going for 99 Runecrafting on that one), so I won't be able to play this account properly until I get 99 Runecrafting on my main. But I will play for an hour or two on weekends and maybe squeeze in some time between the week also. III. Random pictures None yet, this will mostly be level milestones, achievements and maybe some glitches. IV. Blog 16th of April, 2010 17th of April, 2010
  7. Hello, I would just like to know what combat gear I should wear for training attack/defence. I know some combinations, but I would like to know the best for minimum of 6m. Sincerely, Grega
  8. Congrats on getting your first 99 skill! Just out of pure curiousity, how much did you earn to level 99? Magic and yew logs must've made you quite a big cash pile.
  9. Remember when you get a random event box and don't know what to get? Well, if you want some easy cash, try to look a bit and see if you can find half keys, snapdragons or rannars. They are noted, so don't worry about the space, it'll only take up one space. When Runecrafting at ZMI, you sometimes don't have glories to repair pouches... Well, now you don't need them. Just contact Dark Mage trough NPC contact spell and he'll repair your pouches! It's alot faster than going to Abyss. When you don't have time to actually play the game, farm. It only takes up to 30 minutes a day and you can earn alot if you farm herbs. You can plant 10 normal trees, 5 fruit trees and do up to 10 herb runs a day! All you have to do is log in to farm the herbs and log out, it's as simple as that. Just make sure you buy supercompost, teleport runes and seeds before you start massive farming. It might save you alot of time in a long run. When Slaying, don't walk to slayer master... Doing this you can lost 14 hours to 99 Slayer, just with walking to slayer master. You can use a spell NPC contact, which is alot faster. Almost all slayer masters are there and you can get a new task in less than 15 seconds.
  10. Well, I was looking for some other ways to make money too, I'm kind of lazy for RC right now... :razz:
  11. I'm in need of some good money making methods. I currently have 800k, tell me what to do for money, I'm desperate, since I think I'm the poorest player in the world... My levels Thanks in advance, AvatarGrega
  12. is waiting for an Admin response to change his name.

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