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  1. I will make a video of my physical training, strikes, and such if you want?
  2. Have you ever been in any fights? Explain what led up to it and what was the outcome. So, my first ever fight. Talking to this one pretty girl. Her boyfriend came up and punched me. I yell "WTF DUDE." Then attempts to punch me again, I dodge, Wing Chun punch him, roundhouse kick to face, KO. My second? After school, walking to mcdonalds. People try to trip me and taunt me saying things like "Aye what's up wimp[cabbage]? Little fairy, we'll lay your [wagon] out." I say; "Try me." So 3 people come up and attack me, they land a few punches on my face. Knock me down to ground, triangle choked one guy, got up and used the edge of my palm to hit the other guy in the temple, he's unconcious, and the last person, I just straight kicked his knee, he was down, almost got up but I punched him in the face one last time. Yelled , " Who's the boss? Who's the motha (cabbage) boss?" and I just walked away. So, how were your fights? If any?
  3. Pretty muscular. Visible 6 pack, able to do 75 push ups straight. I do MMA at a local gym, so thats where I get my excercise. My legs are the weakest part of my body though. I also have asthma, so I can only run a mile in 8:30.
  4. Kick some [wagon]? Aren't you the crier? :lol: Yes I am just kidding. -.- Just cause I cry alot doesn't mean I can kick someones [wagon]. Muay Thai, Judo, Krav Maga, and Aikido ftw? oh and, I'm taking Exploratory Science, Algebra 1 English something us history Physical Science PE and I'm going to do football.
  5. I use anger alot. I can't remember last time I cried, closest I got was teary eyed when my dog died. I'm not a big fan of using anger. Last time I used it, was because a guy was trying to feel up on my girlfriend, (now ex), I kicked his arse, got suspended from school. Another time I kicked a hole in my door. And another I ended up bleeding severely from my fists cause of letting out anger in the punching bag.
  6. That's actually more accurate than you might think. Back in the earlier days, women would choice mates based on power and strength. That's still true today, to a point, but back then power and strength meant surviving, which it doesn't know. Crying shows sadness, which shows weakness over something, and thus shows your not as powerful. Atleast, that's how it was back in caveman times, presumably. It's just another one of societies unspoken rules. Why are girls expected to take care of the kids? Why are men "supposed" to be the one with a job in the family. It all goes back hundreds or more years, even if the original meaning holds almost no value in our society today. Oh trust me I'm quite physically powerful. I've gotten into a couple of fights and I've won every one of them. Crying can be in your hormones can't it? I cry alot when I don't want to, [e.g in front of friends, teachers, girls]. You can't control the tears coming out if somethings bothering you terribly So basically your saying it's all because of past tribes and such?
  7. Hmm. Starts on the 17th for me. Going into 8th grade. My plans? Get good grades, kick this one [cabbage] heads arse, impress teachers, make more friends, get a girlfriend that will stay FAITHFUL. The end :P
  8. Didn't want to lose so many friends that are going to high school. Girlfriend [now ex] was one higher grade than me, and she was going to high school too. I didn't her but I was VERY strongly attracted to her.
  9. I really don't get it. I'm a boy/man (13 years old) and I tend to cry alot. But why is a man showing his emotions and crying considered weak in some societies? The last week of school, i cried every single day for 2 hours. My ex-girlfriend told me I was weak [cabbage] for crying in front of her, and other people are telling me this too. I don't think it should be considered weak if a man cries. After all, we have emotions too. Not all of us are emotionally stong. The shortest verse in the bible is "Jesus wept." If he can, why can't we? (I'm an athiest though lol) What do you think?
  10. I win. Weapon: Shaolin Spear, great reach, decapitation Armour: Shark suit. Not too heavy and nice defense. Transportation? : Bike. Driving a car is too loud and will attract zombies. Escape plan?: None. Stay in the upstairs room and destroy the stairs. Bring food, fill the bathtub with water. Take that Chuck Norris!
  11. -I am a FIGHTER, not a lover lol. -I get angry extremely easily, and if you get in my way, chances are I'm going to punch you in the face. -I always get A's on my tests but my overall grades are pretty low. (2.0s) -I'm 13, yet I've already gone to 3rd base. (..Don't ask.) -My first kiss was on a dare. I just wanted to get it over with. -My love for music is undescribable, no other love in the world can compare to it. -I have a 8 foot tower of shoe boxes. (Containing; Nike SB, DC's, DVS, Adio, and the such.) -I know a TON of fighting styles. (Aikido, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Judo, Wing Chun) -I like ponies although I am a boy. -My first ever gaming console was a Dreamcast. o.o -I have been known to change my clothing styles alot. For example In 6th grade I dressed like a prep, 7th i dressed like a skater, and now i just dress like a scenie :P -My hair is where most of my self esteem is. If you cut it, my confidence is taken away, and my personality changes.
  12. Hehe, I guess this is my first ever post on Tip It. So, my set up is; Deck - Enjoi White Lighter 7.75 x 31.5 Bearings: Bones Super Reds Wheels: Hubba Bubble Bath (lol) Trucks: Phantom 2 Trucks (leopard color) Grip: Mob Bushings: Bones Hardcore Hard White Risers: Skate Warehouse Riser Pads 1/8" Hardware: Enjoi Little Buddies Phillips Hardware And I skate in Nike 6.0 Air Mogans :D What about your set up? (:
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