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  1. This was recently today, after a long absence from the game. it was actually a nice game. Started with 58 air, then 30 mind, then 46 water. I had gotten a 62 before leaving the game, but I was dumb enough not to take a screenie. I recall it being the same team I had the 60 and 61 with.
  2. Oh, and sonic The chaos altar can be extremely easy or difficult. I've had a duo with Lombre Sun that was 24, and I've also had some that were 11. Sometimes an orb will spawn behind a ladder, or just out of your reach from the center altar so your character tries to take the long way around to get it. It's very possible to get 30 but I'm not sure if it's been done. It just depends on your luck, and mine is not very good.. :rolleyes:
  3. This was a recent solo just today: Gop Ko has just gotten a 36 to kill my 31, so I had to redeem myself..
  4. This is my gallery so far: After a long night, it pays off! I'm told that, after the updates, the body record was 49. Here's something a bit special.. This score happens to be my first time ever playing the nature altar, and with a person I've never played with..
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