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  1. How would you define "professionals"? Professionals, at least to me, are people who can attack well and defend well. They can alternate between the two roles as easily as we can score 50+. I wouldn't fall into this category since I can only play offense well. :ohnoes: Most of us would be under the "veteran" stripe. It's a vague line. What of the extremes? People who can score 40s on their own, or can defend full teams unto the 20s? (and can't do the reverse). I look foward to seeing that list, should you make one.
  2. Kudos to them. I've seen their posted scores, and some of their games. Confidence, and skills. Deadly combination. Don't go around murdering too many new pro's confidences. anyway, is it just me, or is the number of constant partnerships declining?
  3. How would you define "professionals"? What confidence. Oh. Just noticed that it was Loki. Congratulations on your 50 fire, as posted by your partner. And your 50(+) air duos. I also notice the similarity of the usernames "s0l Devilish" and "s0 Devilish". Bet you didn't give me credit for that, nooblet. -S0l Devilish
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