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  1. (You, in the following questions, means "Jagex".) 1. Will worlds without PVP and the Old Wilderness be made, akin to the current setup of PVP-only worlds? It would help appease the 7 percent of us (87,000+ accounts) who voted 'no,' and desire to be safe. 2. There is no way that all of what Mark G. said would happen (relocations, implementations of many various features, guide-writing; not to mention the planning, designing and map-making) could be done in only a span of two weeks. For Feb. 1st to be your deadline, you would have either been working on it and intending to bring it back all along (making a mockery of your player base by creating a false referendum only for hype and sensationalism), or you will not bring it all back at once, as promised, and will release it parts, like what has been done with Dungeoneering. Why even pretend to give us a choice in the matter, through the 'vote', if you had been developing the code for months beforehand? 3. Summer's End, Defender of Varrock and a few more quests and snippets of lore involve the post-2007 Wildy. How will these quests and related lore be rewritten or redone? 4. Why not keep the Revenants in the Wilderness with the PK-ers? Why not make them tougher and smarter, and enable teamwork, like the monsters in Daemonheim? I for one believe that PK-ers DESERVE to meet a group of tough, smart, healing, poisoning, teleblocking Revenants in a multicombat zone in order to have their food depleted, potions wasted, be poisoned and teleblocked, and THEN try to prey upon other players at that point. That may be my deep disgust and hatred for the accursed filth that are PK-ers talking though. 5. What will be the relevancy of the GE once free trade is returned? What are you doing to try to keep the GE relevant and usable? 6. Why do this now? Is it Runescape's final gasp? Trying to go out with a bang? 7. What makes you so confident that the RWT and botters can be handled better than 4 years ago? Sure, technology improves, which helps you, but that fact helps them too.
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