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  1. Today we scored 65 air. East: AdamTehPro West: Hendi South: Icy001 North: Lunny
  2. Actually, it was with 5 orbs :| at least not 6 orbs.. I heard someone got a 36 with 6 orbs.
  3. My 55 on air on green! You definitely don't see scores this high! :o East: Me! West: Billycarrot North: Dumbdude82
  4. Also, a nice solo score on green. [spoiler=28 Solo on Water]
  5. New scores! (Both are duos with Billycarrot <3) [spoiler=44 on Water] [spoiler=53 on Air Green]
  6. 96 on air with 8 orbs... in my opinion the other three players in my team did not do very well. East: NIkeskoen North: Xinfinityx West: Icy001 South and glitcher: Mayorqimby
  7. Record score for a world 61 game. East: Icy001 West: Xx Skilaxx North: Setelima South: Sara Guy5 Southeast of southwest of north of pillar: A random fruitcake.
  8. By lag, I actually meant suffering from low framerate (i.e. choppiness). I understand this is different from server lag, which is when the screen stops updating because the server has a slight problem or overload.
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