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  1. Upong trying to claim completionist cape (obviously unsuccesful) I got the message: "You must have burried all of the goblin high priests in Yu'biusk to wear this cape", this implies this is indeed a miniquest. Although it is included in the note section of the Land of the goblins quest guide, I suggest making a separate miniquest page like the rest to find it more easily. Thanks :) Acid Heart0
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Hmm, be careful with that. There's diminishing returns to prayer bonus if I recall correctly, so if with no prayer bonus it takes 60 seconds to drain prayer to zero, and with 20 prayer bonus it takes 100 seconds, it won't automatically mean that each point of prayer bonus adds 2 seconds. By now I realised it is harder then I thought, still I have to start somewhere. Measuring time many times in various situations would support enough data to come up with a 1st version formula. I don't assume it's simple or it is easy to find out, but counting alone wouldn't hurt.
  4. Well doing it myself was my original idea, but my friends convinced me I should post here anyway. I'll dig right into it :)
  5. Lately I started using lots of curses, which made me wonder how much do they actually drain? Answers like: "not much", "a lot", "okay ammount" didn't satisfy me as I still didn't know how much prayer potions would I need for a certain ammount of time. This led me to the conclusion: There should be a Prayer Drain calculator! Counting the time needed for a certain prayer to drain prayer to zero, doesn't sound that hard. By counting again with high prayer bonus as well, prayer drain could be made into a formula followed by a calculator. What I imagined: You could enter your prayer points Prayer bonus Select which prayer do you want to switch on Then the calculator would tell: the prayer points drain/minute count how much prayer potions/super restores/super prayer potions would you need for a certain ammount of time As I'm always in trouble with estimating the number of prayer pots I need for a certain task, I'd found this calculator most useful. Also the difference between prayers would be a lot more visible and could be used for various prayer related calculations. Even though in many situations players keep switching off prayers when it's not needed, this calculator could eliminiate "underpreparing" and serious "overpreparing". P.S.: This sort of potion calculator could be improved to contain even more potions (such as antifire, special restore or other boosting potions) and make it the ultimate potion setup calculator. Players would no longer need to search for the suggested setups, optimal at their level. They could just set when do they want to use a potion (for example you want to keep attack over x level) and set the ammount of time. P.S.2: This is a rough idea, in need of lots of polishing, opinions and eventually volunteers who would count the drain and someone capable of turning the data into a working calculator.
  6. The tip.it item database lacks the info that the seeds, you occasionally get from herb patches are random. It's mentioned in the dungoneering shop item info, and experienced it too. Just bought the scroll and it's amazing, dwarf seed out of a dead herb patch :)
  7. I just want to make a note on this part: "Unfortunately, one Body bar will not be enough to make a Body body, so you will have to infuse the second Primed bar you brought along. This isn't so simple, however; the "Big Red Button" will be stuck after one use, so you'll need to return to the Puzzle Room. Essentially, you must redo Puzzle #3 (repeating Steps 12-16) in its entirety. Do so and create your second Body bar" You don't need to reset it, and do all those moves again. Once 1 bar is finished all you have to do is disconnect the pieces and attach them again, to lower the center again. For example the first low piece winded by the starting one. Then you can rearrange the pieces for charging up in 4! moves, and vice versa to elavate it again. It takes like a minute. I'm more than sure that it's quicker then doing it again enteriely.
  8. Nice articles! I've enjoyed both. Actually they were so good, I finally decided to register for the Tip.it Forums :D (which should have been done years ago tbh) Although I'm not that much of a PKer, I agree with the mentioned sugesstions. I also had the same feelings towards the arcticle about the new potions and their removal. I have thought about the same examples (you might as well consider cooking, fishing, fletching etc. an advantage) and my heart hurts, that jagex has removed them from pvp. I might as well whine about not being able to buy a d claws, and therefore I have a disadvantage. The expensive equipments are also advantages which is a reward for having a lot of money. But! There must be untradable equipments as well, that you can't just buy. I'm looking forward to see more and more untradable items :) ~~Acid Heart~~
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