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  1. I can't agree with you. PvP was basically stripped down, re-built from the ground-up, stripped down again, re-built again, then got added with a new addition. While I am in support of the anti-76k measures taken, I cannot agree with any further action. Originally the problem was 76kers and now it's the loot system as a whole. I can't help but feel a spark of jealousy from all of you who can't actually PK and want their game to be stripped down again.
  2. Allright. To TS_Stormrage's article: PvP players take the option of risk versus reward. If you don't like it, tough. The ONLY plausible way I can see the inflation getting solved is the activity bars, if only to get rid of EP farmers. To Racheya's article: Herblore is not a combat skill, however the new potions created a massive impact on PvP combat. Herblore was only meant to support certain skills and provide limited buffs, but the extreme potions update turned it into a totally new entity, a powerful force that ultimately became the deciding factor in a Player versus Player battle. A skilling stat should not directly affect combat to any extreme extent. Like, imagine if I could suddenly inflict insane damage with a rune hatchet because I'm 99 woodcutting. It wouldn't make any sense, and it would be rather unfair to players with lower woodcutting then me. PKers would be forced to level their woodcutting in order to compete: suddenly combat stats wouldn't make as much of a difference. This is what happened with herblore. In order to compete with players possessing high herblore, other players would have no option but to level their herblore as well. Considering the fact that most of the people in need of leveling herby would be PKers, they would most likely 76K their way to the stat. This would lead to a rise in the general cost of herblore, making the skill even harder for normal players to train. Having a skilling stat DIRECTLY affect your individual combat potential for the first time in Runescape's history makes no sense. But to those of you who insist that it does: ~I propose a new ZAROSIAN GODHATCHET, only availible to players with 96+ Woodcutting. It's special attack has an 80% chance of decapitating your opponent with a magical burst. ~I propose a new LIVING ROCK PICKAXE, which is only availible to players with 96+ Mining. It's special attack prevents the other player from healing for 30 seconds, and heals the wielder for 50% of his hp, instantly. ~I propose a new VENERATED SOULHAMMER, which is only availible to players with 96+ Smithing. The special attack drains your opponent's prayer by 100% and increases the wielder's prayer duration by double. After all, players earned those levels, right?
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