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  1. First of all, I support Jiblix so my bias will be evident anyway so I may as well get that out of the way. How much authority does a player moderator even have in this game? Jiblix wasn't part of the organisation, he was part of the community. Ideally, a moderators role is to act on behalf of the community not on behalf of Jagex (see quick chat for what player moderators alledgedly do, and compare to what Jagex actually want them to be). For a while there, this actually overlapped which was great as both Jagex benefitted and the community benefitted. Now, what the community wants is at odds to what Jagex wants. Backseat moderation is against the forum rules, as Jiblix being a former Fmod would be fully aware of. It isn't his place to tell people what to do if he doesn't have the tools to follow this up. The RSOF has enough name calling of 'WBM', and previously being a mod won't stop this. I disagree with this aspect, as the way I saw it we were told what to tell players to do. Telling them to submit a bug report and telling them that it is a bug are two different things. Yes, it does come down to semantics but details are important too. At worst, we were told the procedure of what to do if we wanted to do anything, but we didn't have to follow this (instead we could abstain from moderating such threads). In order to get them all on the same page, that would involve moderators either lying or keeping their views to themselves. Being a moderator has enough cons, not to include being a fake who spins the company line (not even a company who is paying them, but in most cases as a moderator you are paying them). I personally believe in being genuine, and as such I don't like lying about things. For a company that strives to profit, they'll make use of any free labour they can get as it increases the profit margins. Some Jmods wouldn't make it sound as bad though, but rather advertise it as an 'opportunity to hang out on forum help' :P. Here's one. I resigned from dual moderatorship. There has also been another retired dual mod that posted on this thread, along with a pmod that retired twice (once voluntarily, the second perhaps less so but still...). Also, look at the size of the fmod list at the moment. There was a stage when it was around 200 if I recall correctly. The impact they have on the game is almost negligble now. They can mute. Big deal considering that adbots are replaced within minutes and the ignore list would do the job anyway. They can't do too much else that a non mod can't do. They are basically an extension of Jagex, either helping out with menial tasks that they can't be bothered paying someone to do (hosting community events, working off forum help, hopping worlds muting adbots). If that made a difference, or if Jagex seemed to care, then it wouldn't be that bad, but it doesn't :(.
  2. Hey, this is just something which needs updating the the Knights sword quest guide on the site. Currently it says: "If you keep both swords in your inventory when you speak to the Squire, he'll take both of them." I accidently kept the second sword in my inventory while talking to the squire, and I was relieved to see that I was able to keep the second extra sword, and he didn't actually take it away from me. So it iis now possible to have them both in your inventory without the hassle of having to drop it in order to keep it. I wasn't intending to check this so I don't have any proof, but it can be verified using an account with 10 mining, full inventory of fish and 4 iron bars though. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, just a quick thing. I tried using the rogue (unlocked after Summer's' End) for the first time today after hearing about it recently. However, it seems it has been updated this week, and there are a few parts of the website which don't reflect that yet (given the fact we have a new skill, it isn't too surprising). However, I'm just posting to make sure that it doesn't get overlooked ;). The rogue no longer buys at min GE price, but rather some other value. I checked with a few pieces of unenchanted jewellery, but not the whole range. The summer's end quest guide (tips and tricks section) still says this: The Rogue section of the shop database still says this: I'm not sure if there are any other references to it though, those are just the ones I picked up on. Also, did I post this in the right place? I was contemplating using the shop sticky at the top...
  4. Just a small thing I noticed in two seperate parts of the website. Both can't be correct as they say the exact opposite, and it can be confusing if someone looks at both, or just plain wrong if they look at the incorrect one. It relates to using stethoscopes when safe cracking at the rogues den. In the thieving guide (the 'other thieving methods' section) it says: However, in the items database for the stethoscope it says: As you can see, it gives contradicting information. Personally, I think having it in your inventory is enough.
  5. I've been casually using tip.It for years, and I consider them the best fansite (I always check here first, and it's rare I have to check elsewhere), so the rating isn't too important as long as it remains the best in my eyes. It's good to know it will be platinum soon anyway :). I rarely click on ads, so I don't see it as a problem. Jagex offered them the option of being platinum, and tip.it has decided to take them up on the offer. Tip.it could have declined, but if they did so I think they would have been worse of (in terms of not getting the platinum perks). If the cons outweighed the pros, then that's another thing altogether... Although I may not be active on the TIF, I check the site most weeks for anything from the item database, quest guides and the tip.it times. Do I think the platinum rating will make the site better? Yes, in terms of the exclusive Jagex stuff, but I don't come here for that so it's neglible in my eyes. I don't come here to view adds either, so controlling them has very little impact on me. As for the whole gaming ads being on RS, but not being allowed on fansites, it does seem to be contradictory, but the fact that they can be reported and removed All in all, not much has changed. It's hard to improve some things simply because not everything needs improving.
  6. Hey, here are some pictures you might find helpful. I finished the minigame yesterday, so here it is: The 3 new banners hanging on the wall. http://img265.imageshack.us/i/3newbanners.png/ The 10 old banners hanging on the wall. http://img248.imageshack.us/i/10banners.png/ Glophren's throne. http://img260.imageshack.us/i/allbanners.png/ Pictures of Glophren. http://img256.imageshack.us/i/gnome5.png/ http://img193.imageshack.us/i/gnome6.png/ Leon's throne. http://img252.imageshack.us/i/leonthrone.png/ Pictures of the mummy champion. http://img7.imageshack.us/i/mummychamp3.png/ http://img301.imageshack.us/i/mummychamp4.png/ Pictures of all the banners (as shown in the banner carrier interface). http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/7986/allbanners.png Hopefully a couple of them are useful to you. Also, if there is anything else I might be able to take a screen shot of, pm me ingame (Mattonline), but I can't think of anything else anyway.
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