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  1. after 16 tasks of jungle/desert strykewyrms (+ 9m in misc junk :thumbsup: )
  2. 13 gnomes and 1 hour and 1/2 got me this + 25 seed pods :thumbsup:
  3. So, how did you get the charms for Summoning? :unsure: Lootshare most likely. Lootshare and scrolling mostly. *has done his research.* :ugeek: pouch to scrolls=3.5m of my exp lootshare is about 1.7m rest is from penguins :thumbsup: sad thing is everyone here w/ a rune pickaxe is a autoer these days(expt me ofc ) :shame:
  4. 93 summoning 15 cb(got 15 cb eairly from 11hp still 3cb f2p tho and will end up 15 w/ 99) idk what my friend said tbh so just ignore the public chat :-?
  5. Doesn't a godbird grow like 1% every 10 minutes? That's 300 hours with them all out =S Or maybe that's for dragons.... it is about 10 mins for godbird as well :wall: got wile woodcutting so its all good i guess :---) and so this isent spam [hide=ma rank awile back]Dident use fast_ma till i was already 100 rank [/hide]
  6. In the last few pages lots of tipiters(its a word?!?! :? ) posted about monster drops so here are pictures of me killing(leaching from my friends at :roll: ) the kay bee dee so it was a epic fail trip :wall:(got 40 crims and used 35 rocktail)
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhzWFXf4g6E 1.5k kills for scroll :???: (14 cb 91 summoning i finaly got a forum account so hyt everyone)
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