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  1. *UPDATE* Added repairing pouches through the new lunar spell Repair Rune Pouch to the Pouch Section of the guide.
  2. That's the point :P. @ OP: Sadly/understandably, you need more than just turmoil to corp effectively. However turmoil is also very useful in getting those other stats. Yea, I do already have turm, but what im saying is that basically what im getting from this is that unless I get my att/str up turm wont do much for corping at the levels i have. And yea, Turm would be very very useful in getting my att/str up... but Im trying not to get too high of a combat level - I kinda want to stay a little bit of a skiller, and 125 (which id like to max at - 85 att/str and 70 summy still to go) is already really really high for me. So for now, I think I'll just leave it and try and find some other boss I could do easier. Not quite sure which, because I havent done much bossing at all, only like 2 bandos trips and a few solo tds trips... but I'll find something.
  3. Your friend was a little bit off on that one, I made a chart a few months ago that updates and gives me the costs of magic training. At the current time making mahogany logs into planks costs 2.32gp/xp. This chart can be found in my siggy (Magic Losses Calculator) or here Magic Loss Spreadsheet Good Luck!
  4. They dont stack with sacred clay. and 34k xp before it degrades.
  5. Whats the point in having turm and overload if Im not going to use them though... Basically what you're all saying is, corp isnt something my account could do in a team without getting my combat level up higher which I dont particularly care to do at this point in time. Thank you all anyway! I guess Ill just have to wait on that one for a while.
  6. Rnadomly want to give corp a try but I dont quite know where to begin. Ive read a few guides on the subject and watched a few vids. Looks like I could do it without too much trouble, but I dont know anyone who could teach me, or let me tag along with their team to begin. I looked on the rs forums and they all want pro 130+ or 125+ except for masses. I dont particularly want to do a mass, because you dont really learn much from it. Any advice would be appreciated! Stats in sigg. Thanks
  7. Forgot to leave an update message o.o. I added a new section to the guide on Mud Rune Runecrafting, It's rather short, but it gets the point across. Hope you all like it. Credit goes to dpc for the wonderfulness that is that section =) Thanks for reading! ~Speed
  8. Thank you! =) I'll add that into the guide, make a new section or something... not quite sure where.
  9. I've never actually done combination runes. If you wouldnt mind writing a little blurb about how to do it I would love to add it into the guide (with credit to you).
  10. I personally dont have any approximations that I tested myself, I didnt do much zmi crafting while runecrafting because I didnt much like it. But I did a quick google search and I came up with these numbers. Hope they help a bit. 60-74 Runecrafting: 23k-27k xp/hr 75-83 Runecrafting: 31k-35k xp/hr 84-90 Runecrafting: 36k-42k xp/hr These numbers do not take into account familiars. I personally find these may be a tad bit low, they seem like numbers that would be without a full bank. However I dont know how the poster came to arrive at them besides the familiars. Sorry I couldnt be more of a help.
  11. Good luck, its really not all that bad =P Feel free to add me in game if you'd like - I dont generally have my private chat on, normally on friends, but I'll be happy to answer any more questions you may have. Love seeing people interested in runecrafting =)
  12. ZMI is definitely much faster than any other kind of runecrafting, but like all rcing, your levels will affect the amount of xp you will get. Not only do pouches make a huge difference, in ZMI the runes you make depend on your level. Higher lvl = More Higher leveled runes = More xp. It will be faster no matter what, however you may actually lose money at 60. Either way, it will get you to a higher rc level faster than can be expected any other way. If you'd like I'd say give it a shot, lunar diplomacy isnt a bad quest and its a good one to have done =)
  13. @Amonitas Congrats on 60!!! Keep up the good work! @Bows Thank you kindly :mrgreen:
  14. You're welcome, and best of luck! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I love to help =)
  15. Something to note before I start on my spiel .... I HATED runecrafting at first, I had 28 runecrafting or lower for probably the first 4 years I played, but then the fally diary came out... and well - I wanted the pretty shield. By the time I had made it to 66 runecrafting, I was in love. A great motivation for runecrafting in particular is the profit the theory behind this is obviously -- Im making money = good thing ;) Another motivation I found is picking some random person, even if they dont know it (be stealth about it... :shades:), and race them. Try to bank faster, make it to the altar faster, just be faster. Competition is a natural human instinct so if you give yourself the sense of competition, not only will you work faster, you will be more motivated to do better. It really makes the time fly when you're trying to beat someone in speed. Music helps a lot (later on when you're better... you can even watch tv or a movie - I do anyway), find some upbeat music and enjoy yourself! Joining a clan chat helps tons as well, not only is it easy to type, but you can talk to multiple people at once, and dont have to concentrate so much on "bank. get ess. exit bank. fill pouch. bank. get ess. exit. run. etc...." it becomes more of an automatic thing that you dont really have to think much about. Give yourself an easy goal! Maybe say, I want to make 5k laws today, or something like, I want to get to 60 runecrafting (i forget your level atm). Make it something easy and it will be easier to see yourself achieving the goal. Dont automatically say "I want 99 runecrafting!" because that will make it near impossible. If I had thought, "only 2,000,000 more natures to go! from the start" well I never would have made it needless to say. Who has that kind of patience? I sure dont. With time, make the goals a little more challenging say, 15k laws a day, or (when you're 92 or close) I want to make 200k natures this week. - Which really isnt that much, though now it will seem like it. In the end, giving yourself a goal will give you self-motivation to achieve whatever you have set out to do. Im sure there are plenty of other ways out there that people use to motivate themselves to runecraft, or fletch, whatever it is. These are only the first few that popped into my mind. I hope they help a little bit at least! ~Speed :D
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