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  1. No. Edge Furnace with Jeffery is like... A hot chick with an ugly mole: The mole is offputting, but you you tolerate it because the rest is good. Who the hell actually likes Jeffery? maybe jeffery dislikes those who dislike him? :ohnoes: thanks, gompo
  2. noob article..... well, i admit, being a noob in P2P would not be something i would want to go through again. but i had a blast when i did it the first time. i can see how it would be very scary to start as a noob now, way more to do when i started, but a lot easier than when i started too. i believe your problem may be the fact that you consider P2P the same as F2P. both F2P and P2P start at lumbridge. think about it, the same skills you earned in F2P are in lumbridge just like P2P is. you want lumbridge to be different in P2P? why?? a noob always starts the same in P2P as F2P and since you no longer needed the skills offered in both versions in lumbridge, you somehow think that P2P should stick to the limits of F2P has and keep players in lumbridge. personally i would think you would be sick to death to be stuck in lumbridge..... again. i think you may have missed the point of becoming a member (to me at least) and that is more to do in more places. the natural progression from F2P to P2P is to branch out from the "basic" skills after you have earned them. i remember playing a week on F2P then went straight to P2P ASAP, yet most of my early playing was in lumbridge and al-kahrid, i finally wandered up to verrock (sorry bout the spelling on the city names) and even then i was afraid to venture to the west side of the town. eventually i spread out and went everywhere. you have already been to all the places in F2P so, if anything, you should want to go to new places to learn new skills. so many places to go and do and yet you still want to stay in lumby. i do see your point, i just whole heartily disagree. thanks, gompo P.S. i still consider myself to be a noob and i probably always will be. i can never see myself doing all the content on RS, nor can i remember half of what i knew. and..... agility sure isnt as good as it used to be.... well it is easier to train, but not as worth getting higher levels as it used to be. i remember still needing energy pots at 99 before they nerfed it. now it seems i can run for days and it comes back so fast it is scary, even without musicians and rest. i kinda miss energy pots, strange fruit and using terrorbirds, tho i am sure no one else does. :lol:
  3. You have missed the point. i prolly have,... but i smithed in edge and jeffery never once got in my way, nor slowed me down enough to feel the need to whine about it. is that more to the point? maybe my point is..... 1 click. whoopty doo. thanks, gompo
  4. i have replied but in another thread as i have allowed myself to ruin this thread by not staying on the main topic. for that i am sorry. i have moved my part in this debate away from here to "off topic, religion vs science (already in progress)" for anyone who wishes to continue this discusion. again, i am sorry and i should have done this long ago. :wall: thanks, gompo *edit* oops, already locked... well i guess my ignorance knows no bounds :wall: .... sooooo i guess read it, reply where it is supposed to be :grin: thanks, gompo
  5. this is a discussion already in progress. i felt it was too much off topic where it was but i wanted to continue the discussion. so if you are confused, dont be, just jump right in and let gompo have it. :thumbsup: I hope you are making a joke here... Or otherwise I hope you're still a child and need to grow up a little bit. The argument you fired at me here is a non argument, it is like those republicans who refuse to believe there is increased global warming because it doesn't fit their agenda.. And then say "but we aren't completely certain". - You can never be, and just like that you can never describe "society" or "improvement" everyone knows what it is. But really if you ultimate goal is to play runescape, and you believe you help others with that. Be my guest. I just hope you are trolling me and will know what is important once you have to make a decision. i responded to this post...... @pulli23 And the society pays for the lack of activity & productivity. Really, I hate this argument, as it is complete vain. Anybody should aim for the heighest productivity and try to improve society in their way. Having "fun" is only as a distraction and should be done by people to relax to get energy to be active the next day again. ................ society is made of individuals. what active and productive may be for the person doing it, may not do a single thing for someone else. we are not insects, we have "free will" as humans, for good or ill, we will use that free will for what we believe will help us to survive and improve our position in society. who decides what is active and productive? humans are nothing but animals at our core. the will to survive by any means necessary will always overcome society and its supposed Utopian outlook. there will always be someone who slacks, who will abuse power (such as determining just what is active and productive) there will be sheep, rebellion, a hand out, or a feeling of being better than another a multitude of other thoughts as to what iis best for the individual. who makes the rules? who enforces them and how do they enforce them? the old story of the fox and the scorpion comes to mind... a scorpion goes up to a fox and asks the fox to swim it across the river, the fox says "but you will sting me and i will die" the scorpion says "i promise, i will not" so the fox agrees and the scorpion crawls on the back of the fox and the fox starts swimming across the river. about half way across the scorpion stings the fox. as the fox is drowning he says "why did you sting me? now we both will drown!" the scorpion replies "it is in my nature" humans are animals. they will always be ready to do what they feel is in their nature, the consequences be dammed. another old saying is, if you are young and not a democrat you have no heart, if you are old and not a republican you have no brains. is there a middle ground? it is good you trust others to do what is right and good for socitiy, hence you have a heart, but if you trust people to always to do the right thing, you have no brains. i play RS for myself, i do not now nor will i ever believe it helps anyone else but me. but in the long run, in my life, i am the only one that does matter. as far as growing up, i am full grown. i have been lucky enough to have had a very rich full life. been places, done things, seen things that will always be with me. maybe my long life has turned me cynical, after all i have seen the great things man can do as well as the horrible things they can do. in my experience, the people who are the most likely to succeed are the ones who will take every advantage they can to win and when we allow anyone to set the rules, they just add more and more until we are just slaves and do just work for the ones in charge at our highest productivity... otherwise we are useless and disposed of. :shame: now for some hypocrisy. :oops: ------------------ @Ts_Stormrage: first, you are correct, i stated some things incorrectly. the sound barrier, for example, was known about and that it could be broken. what i meant to say is, many people were not quite sure what breaking the sound barrier would do to man and machine. while i do not recall (and to lazy to check) saying that light was not faster than sound, if i did, i can see why you would believe i am narrow minded, and for my stupid mistake in how i may have worded it, i am sorry. you are also correct about the earth being round, about DaVinci's drawings, about Pluto, and some of your other statements, but.... what was thought about Aristotle, DaVinci, and Pluto at some point in our past? did everyone suddenly decide Aristotle was absolutely correct? did people believe that DaVinci was a scientist more than an artist were his doodles considerd nothing more than doodles? was Pluto a planet till we learned otherwise? we are on the cusp of becoming gawds ourselves. we are almost creating life ourselves. getting ready to explore worlds in our solar system. designing artificial intelligence thet will be able to learn and adapt to its environment. testing the boundaries of the light barrier. delving into quantum mechanics and ToE. experimenting with conscientious thought and power of probability. we are turning into gawds. be it in the cyber world, the real world or with the unknown world. should we stop? will we allow these experiments go unfettered? will we allow robots with IE to do whatever they will? or will our tests have limits placed upon them and have harsh demands.... just like a god. just when is witchcraft, science and science, witchcraft? in the past 2 centuries, man has advanced more than the sum total of all its previous achievements form the years (however many years will make you happy) humans have been around. what will we be like in 100 years more? 1000 years more? will we be able to create our own universes? will we be stardust? will we be in heaven? (tho, like you, i to find it hard to believe hell, rather a lack of being would be punishment enough) as for being religious, i might be. as long as i do not stop trying to understand our past i will not stop looking for the future. i have studied religions, heck, i was married by a wiccan priestess. does that make me stuck with some arcane belief of deity(s)? maybe, but just how does it harm you? is my ability to "hedge my bets" keep anyone from staying stuck in current facts, as you stated "We have yet to determine what accounts for 85% of the gravity of the universe we measured, and 94% of all energy". maybe if those stats were reversed, there might not be god(s). until we know all and everything is ours to create and do, will the old gods be replaced with the new gawds who will use the laws of nature to either create our own universes or blow ourselves into stardust and allow some other grand experiment to take our place. science is a religion and it has followers that will persecute and demean others who do not believe as they do, all the while saying their science is the only way. they will say that the universe was "matter and energy are different states of the same thing, matter IS energy... All this matter existed in the very tiniest fraction of a infinitessimal small point at the very beginning of time... A spot where all the matter (and energy) of the universe was condensed into a single point... The first few thousands of years the universe was far too hot for the energy to condense into the particles that make up the protons and electrons..." well, excuse me. isnt the "The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that matter can be neither created nor destroyed"? i also say, prove it. oh, wait, it is just a theory!! we will never be able to prove it... at least until we can do it ourselves. scientists stating theory is no more or less wrong than a preacher saying 94% of the energy in the universe is deity. (sure i know, "natural law, mathematics, all that other stuff say there aint a god, but if not god, what is it?) the story about the elephant.... it is a story about a group of blind men taken to separate parts of an elephant and describe what it is. each thought their description of the elephant was correct when in fact it was only based on their own POV. read "blind men and an elephant" on wikipedia. (ya, i know, wikipedia, but in the very first statement about the parable is what i have been trying to say to you) to @pulli23 & @Ts_Stormrage: while i do not trust human nature to do the right thing, i do trust it to always look for ways to do what cant be done. one day, i hope, we all will be equal, but until we control our own nature, environment and destination, we will never stop trying, unless it destroys us all first.
  6. sooooo. which gawd do you follow?? gertjarrs? unless i am mistaken from that line, it is just the "abrahamic religions" you have a problem with? it wasnt so long ago that breaking the sound barrier was impossible. nor so long ago that flight was. or that the idea that the earth was flat was known to be true. Pluto used to be a planet. the so called "abrahamic religions" have many things in them that are very useful (as well as many beliefs and "archaic" systems do), just like a science book from 50 years ago would. does a few mistakes (maybe misunderstood or even typos) make either wholly useless? i will admit i am not the smartest branch on the tree, but from what i understand is the universe is made of matter (all sorts) and that matter can not just appear. its form changes but matter can not become something from nothing. i also understand the universe is overwhelmingly large, but we still seem to only accept that it is only the "observable" universe. there are extents of our knowledge and to say there is no gawd is to say you know everything..... making you a gawd in your own right. but as you (or anyone) cant know everything, does that make you non-existent? we all know what is real only to what we know, at that time and from our POV. every day something new is discovered. quantum theory, chaos theory, theory of everything are all.... theories. yet they get more respect than the theory of intelligent design. why is that? i am not a man of faith. i hardly have faith that i will wake up in the morning, let alone do i have faith there is not a higher intelligence controlling our universe as a science experiment. i do have faith that there are things i will never understand. does that make me and my "beliefs" any less "stupid" than yours? i have heard that Timmy's Giant Fart might not be expanding anymore but collapsing, which is correct? the Fart hasnt been proven anymore that my quantum chaotic future snap of the fingers. all the proof that i have that you were "putting my fingers rapidly on a keyboard atm" is your saying you were, does that make it true? could the air i am breathing be mostly oxygen and nitrogen rather than " nitrogen and oxygen"? sure i may be stupid for admitting that we may never know all there is to know about everything that is to know. maybe i take to heart the old saying "everything is relative" and that while there may be some proof for what is currently known, does that make it the final truth? IDK, remember my thoughts and understandings are stupid..... wait, maybe your thoughts and ideas are stupid.... i am so darn confused now. always remember the blind men and the elephant. as you said.... "We are the dominant species that has the self-aware capabilities to understand itself and its surrounding natural world who happen to occupy a portion of one insignificant blip of a planet in one uninteresting and completely unremarkable solar system which exists amongst many hundreds of millions of stars that make up one of hundreds of billions of galaxies..." i wonder which part of the elephant that your hand is on. thanks, gompo
  7. I see. Well, I don't mind that one extra click. i agree, i never even noticed the extra click. i really hope this thread is meant as a joke. sad that 1 extra click is so bad when there was a time that smithing was so very much harder not to long ago. golly, 1 more click, i feel your pain..... NOT!! thanks, gompo
  8. Bloods currently make money better than all of those. I'm not after extremely fast xp, natures have dropped too low/I'm not 91, astrals are slightly better xp/hour but a lot less gp/hour, and I don't have tabs and I don't even think laws would be good with them (how is this a good way to train runecrafting?). So ya, bloods are the good way if you don't get pked. First time in 12 hours of runecrafting but it's still annoyingly stupid that someone would pk someone runecrafting. as i didnt bother to read the whole thread, this may have been addressed. some people think it is fun to make $$, some people really think it is fun to PK. not just RCers but miners, star hunters, penguin hunters, etc. all have to deal with people looking for the easy kill. otherwise, the wild might just be called "easy place to make gold, everyone is welcome". ever wonder why bloods make so much gold? i wonder if it is because it is HARD TO GET!!! with the return of free trade and wildy, this is the chance you take. i got killed by revs (not often, but it did happen) in the wild so i always weighed if the benefit was worth the risk, before the wildy came back, it was, now it isnt. as PKing is a very real part of RS now, it is up to you to deal with this situation not Jagex. do you think that you somehow "deserve" special treatment just because you think it is your right to craft blood runes? it is the PKers right to do the exact thing even if, in your opinion, it is not worth being PKed over. i look for the day Jagex finally breaks down and offers a button to players that will give 100,000,000,000,000 gold and another button that gives 99 in all skills, even then i imagine players will whine it takes to much effort. :wall: thanks, gompo
  9. ditto!! i admit it, i do not know the way a "dice game" is played. i imagine i give gold to the player spamming my chat box and assuming he rolls dice, he is supposed to pay me if the dice goes my way. hence the "trust". trust? well, i have played RS for years and learned early "trust" in a stranger = loss of whatever trust you had in people. this isnt an accusation against your character, but as there are many people that will scam others. the real problem with this is there are no protections in the game for this "game". i would play dice games, guessing games (flower game?), racing games, whatever game that would allow me to gamble, if there was a "safe" way, like the "loan" box. while i do not have statistics for this statement, i would BET the majority of the dice game is more often a scam than a real gamble.... unless you consider playing the game in the first place the gamble. i believe that Kaida23 is correct, about the "spirit of the game" but i really think Jagex doesnt care about that anymore. look at all the things they are doing or allowing to happen lately (bots, giveaways, refer a friend, etc), so i doubt any actions against trust trades or "safe" way to trust someone will happen soon. so...... "I really wish Jagex would make a definite decision on whether or not trust games are scamming or not just so this kind of thing could finally be put to rest." with out their hypacracy about "spirit of the game" would make better sense. thanks, gompo
  10. i think we both may be on different levels as well. i wanted to try to explain kinda what rush said in their song FREEWILL "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice" while that line alone may not readily show what i want it to, it reminds me that even atheists who chose not to believe there is anything to worship they still have a belief. while they may not believe they worship anything, they do usually worship at the altar of non-belief. we all have our own beliefs. things that others might find silly or unfounded, but do the beliefs of those silly people have any less validness than anyone elses? it seems that in all areas of life there are people who are admired, many worshiped in ways that may not readily be seen. sports stars with images on cards that are handled with utmost care. leaders, who people actually bow to for no other reason than position of birth or the majority vote. korean professionals. playboy magazine..... i could go on. just because someone worships a "top player" in runescape why is that wrong? who says it is? you? do your beliefs and thoughts make you somehow better? i do not know, you really may be better, maybe i should worship you?.... at least till someone better comes along. i have not tried to make this a personal attack, honestly, i kinda like you (in a purely non-worshiping way) it just seems that since you find it asinine for people to "worship" or give "reverence" to players in RS, that your opinion is all that matters. i am sorry but it isnt. personalty, i could give a spit what anyone thinks of me and my RS playing, as in all honesty, most people i meet on RS are rude and all to full of themselves even without others "worshiping" them. my point is, as humans, we all have opinions and we all know what they say about opinions..... i will just say we all spew the same mess out, it may all look different and unique, but in the end, it all smells the same. so remember, my ideas of what is worth reverence and worship dont stink any less than yours does. it really doesnt hurt me or you, if someone sets up candles on an altar and lays some cheese balls and orange soda out in honor of (insert name) the greatest RS player of all time and never will, unless, of course they think we should do it too and decides to threaten us with harm till we do.... till then they can sit in their undies in their dark little room and worship whomever RS gawds they wish. thanks, gompo I will choose a path that's clear, I will choose freewill :thumbsup: as a side.... ------------- @Ts_Stormrage *snip* Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all the same Abrahamic religion (Abraham is the guy that was asked by the supposed creator of the universe to sacrifice his son)... Just that Judaism 2.0 has had a few books added to it and some rewritten and renamed it the Bible... 3.0 is Islam yet has had similar changes... *snip* first.... are you a believer of the "supposed" big bang? second...... 1.0 was started around 6,000 years ago, 2.0 was around 2,000 years ago, 3.0 was around 1.400 years ago, just last week, the possibility of exceeding the speed of light was announced. will we ever really know if the "big bang" was anything more than a intelligent being from sometime in our quantum future..... snapping its fingers? respect others beliefs as much as you would hope they respect yours, 2.0 Matt 7, 1-5 after all, what exactly do you lose? :pray: :evil:
  11. *snip* This may shed some more light on why I dont take the rose-tinted spectacles view of the top players. Public achievements are nothing if the accounts are traded, botted or the player is falsely claiming public money to gain some sort of advantage by spending so many hours at the comp. *snip* many of your points are correct, there is fraud. but it seems you only assume people who are disabled and or play RS are responsible. i believe you to be mistaken. as RS is the only online game i play and, as i stated earlier, i am old, i have a question..... is RS the only online game that sells accounts? only one that has gold farmers? the only one with macros? if so, i can see your point, RS is wrought with fraud and deserves your ire! otherwise, i would imagine there is no accomplishment in any computer related game, after i know there are people out in the world who can do anything they want on the computer so fraud is probably everywhere and the only way anyone can claim to be who or what they say is while dealing with themselves. so while you do not know me, all i can say is i am a man, i have no reason to cheat myself either in RL or on RS. you can be cynical all you wish to, and in all honesty, i do not blame you as you do not know me, and believe as you will. i have earned my levels and there are probably more players out there who have done the same thing. thanks,, gompo
  12. achievements are also made on a personal level. do i, being disabled, measure my ability against young strong physically fit runners in a 100 yard dash? or is my achievement awesome just to be able to get up and make it to the restroom in time? my abilities are not what others may be, but for me, my achievements are no less important. as far as a level playing field, i doubt seriously that the "professional korean league", plays on the piece of poop computer that i do (not saying i could compete with people who get paid to play video games even if i did have a computer many times better) so..... how can i compete, even if i had the skills? i remember playing chess against one of those guys that i watched him beat dozens of players, most at 3-4 at a time in literally seconds. i beat him. i beat him that one time, probably could not do it again in a million years, but i accomplished it, i am proud i did it, why shouldnt i? the goals i set for myself in anything is no less important to me than things you set for yourself. for example, i wouldnt spray liquid bodily waste on a Nissan GTR if it were on fire. why, you ask? well because i dont think they are all that. i think beer tastes like the previously mentioned bodily waste and playboy is kinda tame for me (oh wait, do you mean body sculpting 6 packs? if you do, i am sorry, personally i would rather have a huge dispenser for the above mentioned bodily waste). does that make your idea of what is worth being jealous of less important? i do not believe it does. as i am not young and i do not know how the younguns think anymore, so their idea of "professional" may mean something other than it does for me. to me it dont mean anything more than you receive payment for a job. if you receive payment for your job, that, almost, by definition means you are a professional. i do not know many players in RS but the ones i do know have never referred to themselves or others as "professionals" and if anyone is stupid enough to pay anyone to play RS they are an idiot, but then again i feel that way about any video game. so being a "professional korean video game player" is funny as heck to me. i would rather pay to watch paint dry than watch a video game being played..... but that is just me. it dont make it less important to the people who do, but as i have always said.... it is only worth what i am willing to pay for it, if i want it, cost isnt an issue, but if i do not, it aint worth a dime to me. always keep this in mind, the lowest paid "professional" drivers i know of drive school buses, would you trust those drivers with the life of your child just because they are professional? believe it or not, lots of payola involved as well so not "legally" achieved. that is just for bus driving? i do not cheat at RS. that, to me is like cheating at solitaire, why bother? i am not ashamed of the time i have put into RS (well, maybe i am, that is a lota time!!) but as i do not "achieve" much at all in RL (short of peeing, pooping, eating and sleeping) i do use RS to give me a little bit of feeling like i have done something. *snip* "or the player is supplemented in some way by the taxpayer to do it?" *snip* i kinda take exception to that statement. i did earn the disability i receive. in the US this is a trust and what i get is not supplemented by the taxpayers (well.... according to the politicians anyway) there isnt a day goes by i wouldnt rather earn a real living rather than the pittance i get off the dole. to suppose otherwise is just making yourself out to be the first half of "assume". we can hopefully agree to disagree, i do believe time is important, you may not. you think the koreans are professional, i think they should get a real job. we each have our ideas of what is worth reverence and who we may accidentally "worship" but we should consider that just because we think one thing is an accomplishment doesnt mean it is any less to someone else. thanks, gompo
  13. @jrhairychest @Gompo - There's plenty of people who are disabled who don't live on the government dole. Are you using this to justify that you play a lot? Your friend is commendable, although your friend hasn't reached the 1b xp mark (I'm assuming your friend is near the end of the 'top 250'). How does she manage all that gaming time with 3 kids? Jealousy? This is RS we are talking about, not the professional Korean leagues. Those guys get paid for being good, not the other way around lmao. -------------------------------- heck, there are disabled people who run marathons! i wasnt trying to justify my (addiction) ability to play RS day and night. after all, i bemoaned the fact that i play too much RS. this was nothing more than attempting to show there are many diverse people that can juggle their lives to accomplish whatever they want and that for someone to whine the only way to be a top player was to be on the dole and do nothing but play RS, was mistaken or confused. while i have no idea what the "professional korean league" is, i imagine that you assume they are good at what they do hence the "professional" part of your reference. does that mean that when i worked for an industrial gasses company delivering their product say that i was a "professional gas passer" and that i was good at it or that others who pass gas cant do it as well as i can because they do not get paid? (ok, i admit i can pass gas darn good, i just do not get paid for it anymore :oops: ) amateurs can be almost as good if not better in their chosen obsession while going to school and or raising families. they do not need to be paid to be good at what they do, they do it for many reasons. i believe they have a right to be proud of what they can do whether being paid or not. so far as getting paid to be good rather than paying to be good really seems to be out of place. lots of people pay to get better at the things they might do that they gets paid for. getting paid for something doesnt always say that you are good any more than paying to play says you are not good. i kinda consider myself a good father and trust me, i pay all the time to keep being good. (and no, i am not just talking $, it takes time, and in any definition you wish to use, time is always worth more than cash and you can never and will never have enough of it, hence.... maybe the cost in time to play RS is worth more than the $ to pay for it) and yes, jealousy. why else would anyone put down someone elses accomplishment, whether or not you (maybe not "you" just in general) believe that accomplishment is worth anything or not? is it spite? does someone believe it is a waste of time? i would think whining about something being as much a waste of time. i might think egg tossing is silly and a waste of time, yet how does my belittling someone elses feeling of accomplishment do, make me feel better about my no life situation? it might, but still leaves me with no life and spiteful (or jealous) rather than just the no lifer that i am. ------------------------ @pulli23 And the society pays for the lack of activity & productivity. Really, I hate this argument, as it is complete vain. Anybody should aim for the heighest productivity and try to improve society in their way. Having "fun" is only as a distraction and should be done by people to relax to get energy to be active the next day again. ----------------------- oh my, productivity to improve society in their way??? :wall: what is your determination as to what is "productive"? improvement of mankind? improvement of the world? whos society and just who decides what is "productive" for it??? i tend to think playing RS is productive and improves society,..... at least for me it does. :P thanks, gompo and my friend with the family is (or was last i checked) in the top 210 players, so nearer 200 than 250. maybe not 1 bil xp, but still quite a lot and, to me at least, darn respectable. i might even be a bit reverent towards that player. :thumbsup:
  14. i have seen zezima a few times in my years of playing RS, and if anything i feel pity for him. yes, he may want the attention, but i sure would not. the people following him around begging for everything from asking him to say hello to "giv me monies plox" would soon have me going postal on all of RS. for me, it is a 2 edged sword to being a high ranked player, first: you get to be well known. second: you get to be well known. i would rather play the game gain my goals, have fun and much more rather than deal with what "celebrity" seems to bring some of these players. it seems that there are all sorts of "worship" in RS, not all of it has to do with being a ranked player, i see it with JMods and PMods (i have a few PMods as friends and i do not believe a single one has private chat set to public as they always have people "needing" them) and even some guy that posts on youtube that is known for saying "hooda, hooda, hooda" (or some other inane phrase. as i didnt find him the least bit interesting, i have forgotten what the phrase was.) all get some kind of "worship". my point is, there are all sorts of people willing to follow anyone that they feel have done something or earned something that they, for what ever reason, respect. but, just how is this any different than real life? everyone has people they tend to look up to. is it the leader of your country? the football player, baseball, basketball? a teacher? a novelist? a police officer? a person that can consume gallons of adult beverages every night? all of these people have their own form of groupies who seem to take pride in being able to say "i know (insert name), aint i all that?". dont these people trade favors just to be able to get a nod from whom their form of worship is? even atheists have people they always seem to look to. (they are just they are better than everyone else as they call it "respect" rather than "worship") as i am disabled and living on the government dole, i do get to play a lot, but i have a friend that is in the top 250 that plays and has a job as well as being a single parent with 3 kids, so it can be done. i admit, i do not know how some of the "top" players get the xp they do every day but to assume they do nothing but play RS is asinine and judgmental and makes me wonder if there isnt a bit of jealousy from the poster. i am sure that some top players do want the attention just as i am sure many others do not. the high scores is nothing else but a guide to many for their goals, not to earn worshipers. to minimize the dedication of top players to nothing more than glory seekers and clickers seems to be a justification of some sort for players who do not like to play RS in the manner it was designed for and rather it be changed to what they consider more "normal" RL skills (such as more killing jad, less fishing). personally, i do think i play way, way, way to much RS. i do have respectable skills and yes, i am proud. i do look at the high score list, but beyond zezima and a few "older" top players, i do not know any of their names, i do not even know the names right above or below me, all i see is the "rank" (i did meet gertjars once, he is a friend of the player i referred to above, i found him to be rude to me even without me saying anything). achievement is always in the eyes of the individual. dont believe me? look in the guinniess book of world records (RL high scores), the things people used to do to get into that book makes "clicking" for hours on end, seem to be a very admired record. thanks, gompo P.S. a few examples guinness book of world records; longest fingernails golf ball balancing hula-hooping knot tying needle threading betcha there are people that strive to be just as good as the record holders and follow them as much as possible. seriously, is RS worse to be proud of than these things?
  15. i would agree with this statement...... before gravestones. combat, for the most part, aint what it used to be, but the rewards are much better. thanks, gompo
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