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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. i only heared it was AA + TK VS BI + The. Didnt know downfall was also there lol.
  3. worm my computer lagged at that time and resulted the spam. it has been removed. and who says kcr is closing? it was bad intention's propaganda. yeah, kcr ended with 1, i have to go at 6 kcr v 5 ak left because of important stuff to do and no other officials took the ending opt for me. all they told me is 1 kcr left.
  4. sorry can mods change topic title to Ak Latin, thankyou
  5. Link to the declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/264538-twrak-latin-declares-on-kcr/ Winning clan (both name + initials): Kurimao Clan Reborn (KCR) Winning clan's member-list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=jobac_s Losing clan (both name + initials): AK LATIN (AK) Losing clan's member-list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ak_twr_list Both sides Started fairly with good tanks while AK managed to have their first kill before KCR does. But we managed to catch up with our main pile. However, there was some connection problem with our caller in ts which made some kcr making their own piles instead sticking to main pile. It was great fight and hope to have rematch again. Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): Starting: KCR : 15 AK : 21 (cut to 15) Ending : KCR: 1 AK : 0 Sorry no image because i had to leave ugently before i could take the ending opts Pics:
  6. lol when did i act like a loser. i just want legendz to sort those muti clanners out but if you guys still insist of ur way of saying, thats fine. i just loled when u guys methioned australian army is still a country clan and also IK ive spoke one of their founders and he did methioned they are an official clannu less u guys can put he was lying lol. just putting an end of my last reply and not going reply anymore since u guys claim aa is a country clan. OK thats fine. gl accepting more aa members in ur clan.
  7. i wasnt saying on if 3 or more friends that can help u guys win the war. it was ur way of saying. my reply wasnt from TO's who bragged so much arguements about their win. what i was claim was that i hoped legendz can deal on ur muti clanners in ur clan so in the future, there wont be such a case anymore. kenny_tai_wa in Immortal Killers, i spoke one of the founders before few months ago and they are said to be an official clan. leaf angle australian army, you dont need put the word aa is a country clan to me when kcr has been fighting aa in wildy a lot of times and know aa well more than u do Mc_Baris Immortal Killers Lgz_Colenol Legendz never die yourmomisfat in pinoyknightz there were a lot members were in Retaliation but i guess they allowed lgz members to be in their clan. hope you guys can deal on this. and also there isnt wrong if we pull 24 at that time. it was 6.30am our time and was 6.30pm ur time, so time suits you guys more than us.
  8. You had about 3 or more members who are muti clanners and also i dont seem they belong to legendz either at all. you guys should double check their official clan before blindly accept them into ur clan or either way i can say that you guys brought friends for this fight. dont tell me you dont know australian army is an official clan and also clan asia is part of an official clan dont you? hope to have matched fight soon.
  9. Insults arent needed here. its just either post sufficient evidence that we cheat or dont reply craps here. your given 48 hours to post evidence but i dont see enough evidence that kcr cheat other than vankaan something who post an image showing kcr have more 5 rangers lol? but it dont prove anything if it was kcr or from to. it can be either other clan image as well and put it up here due to not showing if he was watching the fight (not showing his rsn in game). about u guys claiming we brought friends, we already explained it was name changes unless u want to tell us gogule isnt kcr official lamo. arguements should now closed and let mods decide about the result. hope to have a rm soon.
  10. evidence from to's still dont prove we had 5 or more rangers. NEITHER 1 lamo. and for Vannaka1992, i dont think ur craps are needed here. first i dont think ur from to. secondly, ur images didnt produce any names of us ranging. u can just post ur friends down in clan wars ranging and u help to to post a fake picture up here. gl trying on attempt.
  11. nice smart of to claiming u guys will bring out evidence to show us where there isnt evidence shown up yet. ur evidence dont prove we had more 5 man ranging sniping. craps arent needed here where u dont have much evidence. about name changes, we have already explained unless u guys want make a fact gogule isnt a kcr official nor maybe the other guy you guys have methioned. his name has already changed. Plus, 5 rangers cap. i think u guys dont get it or what. no more than 5 man ranging or u guys mean we had more than 5 rangers out of 17?
  12. nickname Capt_Krunchh in ml changed to gogule. next time check if he has changed his nickname before u post another all those names changes before the fight started. he will be changed back to gogule after to's reply towards this. about the fight, i wont be saying much since i wasnt there. thanks. but towards ur image, i really cant see theres more 5 man rangers unless u would go photoshop and circle it out more 5 man rangers sniping. theres nothing towards on my reply just some late feedbacks on ur image.
  13. sure #to for matched. the pull we got was unexpected anyways and hopping for matched fight with tdd soon and yeah, first twr win =] @mods remove the topic description "points done". re-add it after you have give us the points. thankyou
  14. shame on you tnc lamo. first of your twr war was 7 man pull :thumbdown:
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