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  1. Not knowing what to expect for this fight we massed up Sunday 30 min b4 the fight not knowing what we would pull seeing how Sundays are our no-go days. Thankfully we got around 40+ exo and dg got a good 40+ aswell and both picked the best of the best and started the fight. Would like thank Dg for there patience while we got every1 onto there ts and would also like to thank Tk and Tko for the fight, was by far the cleanest cwa fight ive seen. Starting: Ending: Pictures:
  2. If sending 5 snipers at the start to our pile when the sniper cap is 3, and then mass snipping at the 12 v 12 mark is following the rules, then grats on the win guys! keep it up corr, soon to be #1 , nottttttttttttt
  3. Eagerly awaiting the drawing for the tourney, we got matched up with The titans for our 20 v 20 so we instantly set that up. With both clans pulling 39 people TT were very generous and allowed us to attack. Rules: -20v20 tip.it tourney -melle and binds -highest pull attacks -Fog gear allowed -rings allowed -no corrupt This fight was extremely difficult due to the fact it was against Tt, and they are 1 of the best matched opt clans I have ever fought against. The fight itself was very close for most the part with each clan going kill for kill up until we took the lead at 10 - 8 i believe. I would like to thank Tt for the fight, it was extremely clean most like all our other fights we get. Starting for both: Ending:
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