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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Corruption vs DragonForce For our first round of the TICT 20 v 20 category we were drawn up against Dragonforce. We set up the fight with the following rules: 20 v 20 as drawn for Tip.it Tournament CWA Classic arena Binds Melee only No corrupt dragon items Ring use allowed No FoG gear No RC staffs DF attacks, CoR defends No wearing other clans cape After a bit of a late start (I think DF were waiting for latecomers) we began, with DF getting a 2 person lead due to a dc and a bad first tank from us, but we quickly evened it up through our tanking then built up a lead. After Mage Boy 500 tanked using his Godmode button and abused a Sara Brew glitch on f2p, it became clear that we were to be victorious and we gained several more swift knockouts. Thanks for the fight DragonForce, and good luck in other categories :).
  5. gf trwf, i did enjoy it and we had a great start - then a few poor tanks let us down. epic lag piyush ;P and wouter you're such a fail losing us all our prayer bonuses :( i had 126 pray! :P gf trwf now go win the tourney please
  6. Edit: nvm, misremembered something about the tourney rules.
  7. Watched the vid but you can't have half your clan be called 1 name, then when the other clan splits their pile say they are mass sniping. I mean really now.
  8. We only ever had 3 snipers, I think you confused our main pile for snipers at times because I called a few piles too fast and then switched off before the entire clan got on them - that was me not doing my best job of calling rather than us mass sniping :$
  9. alex, putting the stupid in stupidboy91
  10. Corruption vs Exodus 30 v 30 TICT war We set up our first TICT war with the following rules: Binds Melee only CWA Classic Arena Centre boundaries No Corrupt items No wearing opposing clans cape Ring use allowed FoG gear allowed As there has been some dispute over the rules mid-fight, so here is some evidence that those were the rules agreed: http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p62/nicky62/exorules2.jpg Starting: Exodus had one disconnect just before they charged in. The fight commenced with both clans having strong tanks, but we managed to steadily build a lead. A few swift KOs throughout the fight kept Exo close and even gave them the lead at one stage, along with their hard-hitting snipers. We then tried a tactic of switching quickly between people who our 3 snipers had already worked to low food, hopping around multiple piles once they started running as we lacked the binds to chase them once they used their rings. This is what resulted in complaints of "mass sniping", however both clans maintained main piles from start to finish and neither clan broke the tournament rules on sniping. With several swift transitions and some superior tanking, we were able to whittle down Exodus to quickly regain our lead before building it higher. When we had a lead of 9 to their 6, they decided to admit defeat and started to leave the clan chat. Ending: Thanks for the fight, you put up a great challenge and I'm sorry there was a bit of flaming from both sides which put a sour side to an otherwise enjoyable fight. GF Exo :)
  11. At least we've done more than crash a bunch of wars :rolleyes: No offense here buddy, but VR's accomplished a lot more than pkm has. I'd still rather join PKM than VR though lol.
  12. Cor is way more relaxed than most honour clans, almost everybody who's left top-10 warring clans has said that Corruption is just a more fun community. We're always having a joke on vent or irc, and we're less strict with our members yet without allowing things like crashing fights (other than Vr's, of course). And yes, the unique atmosphere that allows fun to combine with a high standard of in-game conduct and pking is why I joined.
  13. It's such a shame that the disease of VR-posted topics have spread to Tip.it forums, which has usually been a far more mature and reasonable forum for discussion of clan topics. But on the upside... their stupidity does always make me laugh. +34 members/fas since I got leader, we're nearly dead guys!!!
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