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  1. Maybe you should have been using power armor instead of tank armor and it would have been tons easier? Anyway, as i couldn't try platinum challenge before(hadn't done one of a kind), did my first try at it with subjugation/chaotic staff. It's way too easy to even complain about. No armor switches or tricks necessary. I even got 2 glacor 2 TD(although TD's with steel titan are one of the fastest monsters). Not everyone has money to spend for power armor, well void probably would have been option but I only have melee and range helm
  2. Have to say it was wayy too hard with only 80 weapon that it was supposed to be I'd say, 20 hours before summoning update using this exact gear and 3 hours after summoning update to finally get it done, and even now I needed bit of rng of only getting 1 tormented demon and no glacors
  3. That's poor reasoning on a few levels. 1.) It can be done with T80 equipment. Sure you can't farm many kills per reset, but it is doable. 2.) It's the second highest item reward in the game. There is *zero* issue with it being hard to get, or requiring higher levels of gear. Herblore, prayer, etc all cost a ton to level. No issue with needing higher gear anyway. Not to mention you can sell em afterwards. It's a double bind. Either you don't need the gear, and your argument is invalid, or even if you do need higher levels of gear it isn't an unreasonable requirement. And lastly, the kicker. If you can't find a way to complete the one challenging aspect of the cape, you don't deserve it to being with. You are going way off here, I'm not saying that it can't be done with 80 weapons, I'm saying that getting to teams without either t90 weapons or t90 armor (non port) is almost impossible because probably only 1% of teams trying to find random guys don't want anyone without either of those. And yes this is including mass groups as well
  4. I'm sure you can find someone to do one kill with you or lend you the stuff, or at least buy a leech as a last resort :v. I play rs3 maybe 1 hour a day max, my friends play old school so getting anyone to lend weapon or rather, even have a weapon is question out of this world. Official forums on runescape don't even think of getting someone without experience or good weapons, leech groups prices are probably astronomical for my 50m bank.
  5. I'd say PvM itself is not bad, but the thing that you can't get those things done unless you just happened to have ~200m+ lying around to buy level 90 weapons to get on the teams
  6. Rush of Blood is fine. Can people stop complaining about first world problems, please? Fine or completely luck-based and/or dependent on top-tier gear? This, I only see getting 20+ waves using level 80 weapon possible if you get lucky as hell with no glacors/tormented and having like 30% of your waves being muspah/cele dragons or kalgers
  7. 20 wave thing feels so retarded unless you are stocked in money and able to buy 90 weapon, you just can't kill airut/cele dragons or kalger demon in under 30 seconds with chaotic staff, even td's you can kill under 30
  8. Reward for the weekly thing, free ragefires i guess?
  9. http://puu.sh/7HP1f/70d8d9fe1f.jpg One more of the fragments, two more to go i'd say
  10. I have to give kudos to Sliske voice actor, that troll voice was amazing
  11. Additional quest rewards after quest: need 95 mining to access all, lore about keldagrim, how dwarfs lost their ability to magic and so on, only thing I managed to get with my 86 mining.
  12. [bleep] that last fight was hard as hell, after 10 tries finally got it down, ice barrage + vampyrism aura + elements scrimshaw with range deflect and mage turmoil, nuke hreidemar first then his "champion" and whatever adds it may spawn last
  13. This quest is insane as hell, like these fights are harder than nomad back in the days when it came out
  14. Symphogear - G final episode aired today, glorious ride easily best series this year, small gif dump here too http://puu.sh/4B54u/9d538ca776.gif http://puu.sh/4B576/ec47f323b1.gif http://puu.sh/4B58F/0d1e6f48b7.gif http://puu.sh/4B5c1/909fbf4e6e.gif
  15. Massive month content wise, just time to hope they can actually add all of those
  16. Apparently Dragonseance is getting 50k/h at lvl 60 place. Edit: and yeah, way high levels do it now, is to have slaves that tell them when enriched springs spawn.
  17. Of course that has to happen at exact same time FFXIV beta phase 4 is going on, time to multi task using two computers I suppose.
  18. Does anyone have any idea where ham hideout entrance is right now, tried to look it from map due to boredom and didn't find it.
  19. Pity you can't even do that anymore. :wall: A person in my clan does it regularly. He says the only hard part is the very beginning after you get the deaths cycling he doesn't use food. Pretty sure he was talking about that door trick here.
  20. Still have to remember that it's Sliske quest that involves Icthlarin and Death, so it has to be some major character, if it isn't new character.
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