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  1. Don't forget they also said: So there may be more XP and/or other rewards we don't even know of yet. Anyways, Time to Quest!
  2. As Forsaken mentioned above; Keep in mind that certain information is heavily weighed in the Recovery process. For the sake of not encouraging others, I won't say exactly what information that is. All I can say is, using just 1 piece of information (which is easily obtainable given the right circumstances) you can recover an account. I was able to recover 2 of my old accounts with only this one piece of information, providing no previous passwords, no billing info, and no recovery info. Your average Joe wouldn't be able to hack you this way, but an experienced Hacker would have no problem doing it. Don't just be careful what you do, but be careful where you go.
  3. I "quit" for alot of reasons, most personal. The biggest reason I "quit" was because I finished all my goals. Sure new content comes out, but frankly there's nothing left in Runescape that appeals to me for along period of time. Grinding for rank numbers and 99's I'll never use isn't a goal I want to apply myself with. I also used the word "quit" loosely, since here i am replying to this post? Nobody who invested a large amount of time in this game can really "quit" unless they get hacked and lose everything. Even then, there is still the desire to keep obtaining goals even if you have to start from scratch. I don't "play", but I still check updates & forums on a weekly basis. I renewed my membership this month and bought some supplies with what money I didn't give away before. I'm just waiting for RoTM now, and it's the "only" reason I came back. After that's over, I'm done for good and going back to F2P. I much prefer logging on and playing FoG in F2P 3-4 times a month or so to paying members for a game that I have no longer have goals for. Also, "Quitting" posts/threads are typically frowned upon. Everyone has their own reasons for "quitting" and they are exactly that; their own reasons. Quitting posts tend to be "I quit for this reason(s) and you should too so that Jagex will fix it and I can come back". Not all of them are that way, but most.
  4. Well unless I'm pressing my characters face against the wall, it hits me regardless of which direction I'm facing. I'll record it later to show you. Also, from the lore we have, wasn't castle Draken the location of "portal" from which the Maj came from? Icynes owned the area until the Maj appeared and took over. Perhaps the portal was sealed and the "stone" in Castle Draken is him trying to re-open the portal. That would make sense if they are trying to get more Maj through the portal to sacrifice knowing that without adding more Maj, they would eventually all die out using the ritual.
  5. Maybe you have good internet then, cause I could never evade it even while running away. My problem is if I click away, sometimes I run diagonal from him (because of point finding) and he hits me while I'm running diagonal to a point on the wall. Because of that I tried to make sure to align myself horizontal to him and a wall, so I can run straight to the wall, but it still hits me if I don't click fast enough. The range of stakes is only 2 squares and you need to be at least 5-6 squares away from him or he does damage regardless of which direction you are facing. The attack goes WAY to fast. It would be OK if it gave like 1-2 seconds more warning, but if you have slower reflexes or a slower connection, its impossible to evade it. Then I go into the blood phase with like 400 LP so he is almost impossible to beat. The only times I've even survived into the blood phase is when he doesn't use darkness. Otherwise the first blood spell hits me right off the bat and I'm under 100 LP or dead. I could record it if you don't believe me? I'm all for bosses using different strategies, but god sakes, they need to not make bosses based on speed or internet connection. Or at least have a boss that adjusts to the player and gets easier after you fail killing him 20 times. Quests are supposed to be about the storyline anyways, not struggling for 2+ hours to kill a boss because your internet connection is slow.
  6. Any hints on the boss? I'm 138 combat yet I've died 14 times now (lost 14 Ava's) trying almost every combination I could think of. I melee him until the bloodveld phase, which i start to range. That's all fine, except the Shadow attacks which I can't avoid. They go to fast and by the time I see the text and click to move, I've already taken 400+ damage. If I even make it to the blood phase, I die. I tried clicking in a 4-square and attacking, but I still get hit eventually, and die. I cant heal because If I do, I get hit for more than I can heal, and die. If I try to click on unicorn to heal me, A blood square hits me for 400 and I die. I haven't even gotten to the mist phase yet. Any helpful suggestions? Something I'm missing? This is beyond frustrating.
  7. Web traffic does show some things though, even if its not a direct representation of falling population. The big thing it shows is new users looking for the game. From personal experience, I can tell you the majority of players who have played the game more than once type the name in the URL bar or bookmark it for a direct link. Only Jagex themselves would have the data of how many hits they are getting by direct link. The only way you can get that data is by going directly though Jagex's web-host. So unless they make the data public, it's impossible to gauge how well a game is preforming based on "website hits", since we cant even see all the valid data. But if you look at Google Analytics to information (as that chart likely shows), its only telling you that fewer new players are looking for the game. (since previous players wont be searching for the words). A smaller new player base is never healthy for a game, and is often the first sign of a "decline". But those numbers don't really mean anything. A single update (if good enough) could boost those graphs by 5000%. Point being; take any "graphs" or website traffic with a grain of salt. They are usually not an accurate way of gauging activity.
  8. The whole dungeon/desire situation aside, I think Jagex made a big mistake regardless of the "content" required to obtain an item. Making the Whip Vine weaker stats than the Rapier (regardless of how you get it) despite having a higher stat requirement to wield it is like making Red D'hide have better stats than Black D'hide. Items should follow the order of Higher Requirements -> Better stats. (at least for the same attack speed / weapon type) Balance wise, the game is great up to 60, then it get's dumb. There are plenty of "equal" weapon choices until you get past dragon weapons, as each weapon type has its own path. After that its Whip, Rapier, 99. Not much variety. [siderant] Smithing really just needs re-done to make weapons from 1-99, and let the whip/rapier/other weapons be specialty weapons for specials and certain circumstances.[/siderant] If they wanted to keep people doing Dung, they should have just kept Whip at 70, better stat Chaotic Rapier at 75, better stat Vine Whip at 80, and better stat Warped Rapier at 85. Edit: In my perfect Runescape world: - Requirements to wield, stats, and cost in time/gold should increase equal to one another. Dungeon was to big a step too soon. Weapons should get better, and require more time to obtain as they increase in requirements. Not just one factor or another. But hey, it's not my game, I only play it, sometimes. :P
  9. Care to elaborate? Saying "xx isn't very good" isn't really constructive criticism. Was the format not to your liking? Was there not enough tips? Did you feel the weapon choices were wrong? Please explain. Also, the main concept of the guide is to teach people how to use more than the basic rules of the game to defeat their opponent. So I would argue that it is "past the basics" of the rules on how to play. Not sure if your judging this because you feel your personal methods are on a "expert level". Personally I believe the perfect strategy is dependent on the person, which is what I was attempting to show in this guide. Again, could you elaborate more on why you feel this way? Also @ Wkw. Thanks! :D Sighted bow is a decent weapon, however at the center it is usually a moot point, as you will hit with almost the same accuracy as a sighted or maple shortbow. In that case, speed is usually better. Sighted may be handy to use however if your opponent decides to try and hide on the outside ring.
  10. Posting on this, (and just note this is from my own personal experience being in a similar situation). A big question you need to ask yourself is "what is GP going to do for you?". I am currently F2P because of a similar reason as you. I did most everything I found enjoyable, got bored, studies and such start to take priority, and frankly the game lost its appeal to me. So I switched to F2P. Now i'm sitting in F2P with a bunch of gold I spent time making in members. I regret spending that time now and feel it was "wasted" when I could have been doing things I enjoy more. In summary, blindly making/grinding for gold is a bad idea if you have nothing you wish to apply it to. If you set a goal as getting xx armor or xx skill, by all means, make the money and go for it! But speaking from my experience (and my personal opinion) it's usually a bittersweet reward making gold with no intention to spend it. It might feel good to see the number grow at first, but once you reach a point, you look back and say "why did I spend all that time doing that". If you don't have any main goals for gold usage, I would focus on things you enjoy more. You mentioned you like Dungeons, so perhaps that's a route you should take instead (as it requires no gold to start). I hear DGS is quite a good dungeon clan if you are looking for a group to join. Just don't put the caboose before the coal car. Find out what you want first and then put a goal for it. If nothing appeals to you at all, perhaps a break is in order. Sometimes a 1-2 month break can make Runescape appeal more "interesting" when you return to it. These are all personal opinions though, so as always, take them with a grain of salt. I wish you luck on whatever decision you make.
  11. That's true - Karil has a magic level of 0, knocking back his magic defense (since 1/4 of your magic defense is your magic level), but it also depends on the weapon you are using and your levels. It is unclear what other weapons the OP is going to use, so I have to assume that he/she is going to use a salamander all the way though. In this case, you will want to use Range attack styles on Ahrim and Melee attack styles on Karil (although magic can be used on Karil as well - it's just not quite as effective depending on your setup). I am unsure however if melee would be more effective than ranged on Ahrim while using a salamander (as I have never tried it). However, I will say that if you chose not to use a salamander, generally melee is more effective than ranged & magic on both Karil and Ahrim at maxed melee stats.
  12. New forum rules. Read them here please: http://forum.tip.it/topic/292649-new-posting-guidelines/ Back on topic.. 4 of the 6 brothers use melee (and have melee bonuses), so you will want to use the Magic attack style on the Salamander. Since you will be using magic, your ideal armor would be magic offensive setup. Since you will be praying, you will have 100% protection and there is no need for tank gear at first. For Ahrim and Karil you will need to use range and melee (respectivly) and may wish to bring D'hide and Melee armor to get defense against them. At the point you fight Ahrim and Karil your prayer will be empty, so you should focus on an offense bonus until your prayer runs out.
  13. I would see this as more of an issue with access to holiday items than bank space. Moving the Diango "holiday items storage tab" to button on your bank interface would fix the issue without adding/changing any bank storage amounts. At that point you could access your Holiday items from any bank, and they would require 0 space in your bank storage limit.
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