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  1. GJ DG and EXO, went pretty wel for us, good switches and binds. Tanks could be better for some of us (kuch me) but after all we did well. Looking forward to semi finals.
  2. We did it well, was kinde hard to tank with all those archers but we had some nice tanks. GJ to our members :).
  3. Wast of time to discuss those things here... Yeye there was flame from both sides w/e. I think our lvl's made the difference and if you say that two people binding at your pile is sniping I think you'r searching a reason for us to break the rules. And that we write mistakes, what would you do if your main language is Dutch and some people here just see the basic of your language, we do our best and I'm sure you do understand what we say... GJ DG, keep it up next round.
  4. Gj Blaspheny and gl vs us, btw i've seen a bit of flame from your warlord to our warlord :P.
  5. GJ us, we did very well with some nice tanks. I'm looking forward to are next war together.
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