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  1. Few days ago we contacted SE for a fight with the following rules: 1 hour clan wars run-in | 3.30 - 4.30pm EST All styles Dung - Corr - Sniping OFF Startings - Unfortunately SE's pull wasn't a good one and we were able to stick to a confident lead. After around 10-15minutes we let new people and unofficial callers lead for some practise which was fun and exciting to hear new voices (kudos for that) Endings - Shoutouts: All those new callers today :wub: SE for the fun, clean fight.
  2. vs at 6.30pm GMT Eomeri came to Jeff to discuss a fight in 1 hours time. We gladly accepted knowing we had some past beef with CU in the whole crashing thing. The Rising prep - 1 hour Cheer Up prep - ? Rules: 7.30 - 8.30 pm GMT 1 hour pkri Dung ON - Corrupt ON All Styles NO SNIPERS Spiders - GDS Rocks The Rising Starting - 108 Cheer Up Starting - 108 The fight started out very even and remained that way for the first ~20/30mins. As the fight progressed we of course gained and peaked at 58 on TS. Goodjob TR. The fight was the cleanest and one of the most enjoyable in a while, thanks Cheer Up! The Rising Ending - 165 (2 randoms) Cheer Up Ending - ~130 Shoutouts: The Rising for peaking at 58 within 2 hours from awareness to end of the fight Cheer Up for the clean exciting fight Those of you who put up with my raging for an hour :wub: :duh:
  3. Pictures etc edited, spoiler at bottom working :) Once again, thanks for the fight Cor
  4. Not entirely true, using pointless [cabbage] when we're getting hit by some vr+eos isn't a respectable move at all Df. Thanks for the fight was entirely even until the point where you refused to team to clear. Nice to see another clan using the cleaner forums :rolleyes:
  5. VS Rules: 2 hour Pkri - 3-5pm EST | 8-10pm GMT Spiders -> Gdz bounds Sniper cap of 15 The Rising Starting - ~190/200 Corruption Starting - (22:03:09) <Jay_Jay665> we started with like 55 (165?) The fight started out in TR's favour with the numerical difference. We sent our snipers off the mark and managed to maintain a strong main pile. At around the 30minute mark Cor snipers got hit by a clan and asked for no sniping for the rest of the fight so we unwillingly agreed. With no snipers we had about ~210 ops on the main pile to play with. At around the 90minute mark CD came to hit us with their troop of about 20 clanchat warriors hitting our returners. We kept clearing CD (which corruption let us do) but eventually there was 2 minutes left and we needed to keep hitting corruption while getting hit and blocked from returning by CD. At 10pm GMT both clans took ending. The Rising Ending - ~180+ Corruption Ending - ~170 I think it's safe to say without CD we'd have ended with over 180 as they kept our returners at mossies.. (idiots) Shoutouts: All The Rising for the amazing performance Corruption for the exceptional as always fight CD for mega lols If any NBK read these boards, I still love you. Both clans we're hit by [cabbage] randoms so this has no accuracy.
  6. Great job guys, sorry i missed it looked fun :(
  7. VS A couple of days ago i set a fight up vs Corruption with the following rules: 8.30 - 10pm GMT Spiders -> Gdz rock No Sniping No Dung No Corrupt The Rising Starting - 180 (2 randoms) Corruption Starting - 135 The fight started and remained in TR's favour due to the numerical advantage throughout. The fight was extremely fun and clean, I can always thank Corruption for that :wub: Some morons decided to camp us but it had little effect on our performance still ending with amazing options! The Rising Ending - 210 Corruption Ending - 150 Shoutouts - Corruption for the amazingly fun fight :wub: Always great with you guys. RF for the ac, it helped a lot The idiotic crashers for mega lol's on Teamspeak All TR members tonight for putting 110% into this fight and coming out victorious
  8. VS Rules: 1.5 hour pkri (8-9.30 GMT) All Styles Sniper cap of 7 Spiders -> Gdz rock No Corr/Dung Team to clear crashers The Rising Starting (153) - Need Screenie Corruption Starting (120) - Need Screenie Before the fight started we got rushed by Fools at West tree, we hopped and waited for corruption to arrive, when Cor did arrive we logged back in, cleared fools and the fight began. The fight was going great, I felt we had the upper hand due to numerical advantage but preps to Cor's performance too. Not so long after Fools crashed us again, leaving us to fend Corruption + Fools off 2v1. Every time Fools hit us they would run away from Corruption and log out, just to repeat on us again and again. Soon after our audio mysteriously went down. We hopped to a non-pvp world to sort ourselves out, we couldnt fight Cor while Fools were hitting us and while we had no audio. Soon later our audio went back up and we hopped back where Fools had left. The Corruption fight continued to go on. The Rising (re)starting (165) - With the majority of the Fools members gone - We didn't hear from Fools main pile after that. At around 9.15 pm GMT (15minutes before the fight ended) Violent Resolution came up to hit corruption. After Jay Jay asked me to clear them, we went up to GDZ and hit vR. After about 10 minutes of fighting vR Corruption told me they logged leaving us to fight vR 1 -vs- 1. As you know 200 ops of vR creeping into Est isn't the best clan to fight when your a heavy gmt clan :$ We left vR on the battlefield at 9.30pm GMT, the original end of the cap. We hopped onto a non-pvp world and took a personal ending - The Rising Ending (171 instant, 180+ full) - TL;DR? Thanks for the fight Cor, was fun until it got ruined. Thanks for the fight vR, as much as I don't like crashing we got a little of a 1v1 :-P Personally had 1 kill / 6 deaths (3 to crashers) Led throughout
  9. Thanks for the fun fight LDK. Goodjob TR, stay active :wub:
  10. The better clan won last night, thanks for the fight TRWF, I dont think you'll hesitate to say we were the better clan yesterday.
  11. Was fun thanks for the fight, close until your sniped damage came into it. Cool down your council members BK, there flaming is making me want to cry :(
  12. Thanks for the fight DH+Cor. Goodluck in future rounds.
  13. Thanks for the fight Col+Legendz, goodluck in your future rounds.
  14. Was such a fun fight. 1 kill ~5 deaths, led a fair bit and got sniped a lot ): Gf guys.
  15. Thanks for the clean fight (after it got started :P) CR It's always GREAT fun fighting you, alas a clan with no flames etc. Gl in other rounds <33
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