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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Thanks for the responses! Any more please??
  4. Thanks for the advice all 3 of you. And as to the last person, I plan to use t for a bit of everything. Armadyl Solo's would be nice, a bit of PKing would be good, and just for overall use really. I was looking more into the PKing aspect of the Range Tank though to be honest. Thanks to everyone! Any more suggestions please?
  5. I've wanted to persue my goal of a Range Tank for some time now but I'm not sure what I should be working towards. Here's my Current Levels and Goal Levels: Range: 79/99 Defence: 83/99 Constitution: 81/99 Attack: 78/80 *** Strength: 75/80 *** Magic: 78/94 (Or 99?) Prayer: 70/70 (Or 95?) Summoning: 68/?? *** = Just to have them as nice round Levels.... Also, what should I wear and what should my inventory set up be? I was thinking between the following types: Void Tank Void Range/Mage Tank (?) Any other suggestions PLEASE?? For the Void Tank I was tihnking of wearing Void Range Helm Amulet of Ranging Ava's Accumulator Rune Crossbow Dragon Bolts (e) (Worth it?) Void Gloves Void Robe Top Void Robe Bottom Snake Skin Boots Shield??? Ring??? As for the Void Range/Mage Tank I'm clueless... PLEASE HELP!? Thank you!!!! <>Mr Budley<>
  6. Budley12

    Fishin' It Up!

    Well!! I've decided to return to my 76 Fishing Goal, as of now I'm about 130k from 76 and just achieved 75!! :thumbsup: It's getting a bi late so I'll reach 76 perhaps tomorrow depending on homework :thumbdown: I know I have a few projects due Friday and a Book report soon so not sure. :sad: Hoping that after 76 Fishing that'll give me the option to read a book or surf the web while bringing in a bit of cash. Plus, Fishing pays off tremendously in the long run...espacially with the spectacular Cape and lovely Emote. <3: For the future I hope to alternate between mostly Sharks and Monkfish until 90 Fishing then between Rocktail (have heard wonderful things about these), Shark, and Monkfish for great money and great xp! This should pay off with a 100M+ profit at the end of 99 in the not very near at all future. :P Maybe I'll shoot for 99 on a serious scale towards Summer Vacation. Well, It's getting late and I've got boring school yet again tomorrow. Good night for now!! :D
  7. I've heard aLOT about this "Double XP Weekend"...just wondering when this is supposed to be happening or where I can find details about it. Thanks!!
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