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  1. Mather - You find a fat old man on lying on the floor, he is wearing a large bearskin suit and holding a club. If you choose to ally him you will be on your first steps to creating a tribe, you can now individually move both members of your tribe or move them together, it would be helpful if you mark your area somewhere on the map. ~Hex.
  2. Mather - You find no fish for some odd reason. ~Hex.
  3. Mather - You sucessfully sharpen the stick. Earthsage - You sucesfully sharpen the stick.
  4. Mather, It will normally, I am on my phone so can't use a fair dice system or research without taking a long time, it's only for tonight. Earthsage - your body gets cold but your hand feels slightly warmer. Mather - you look around the river until you find a sharp flintstone, there is a cave infront of you, a heavy snoring resonates from within. ~Hex
  5. Earthsage - you experiance a chill as you fish out a rock from the cold Siberian waters, you find that your hand has gone numb and you can't move it. ~Hex.
  6. Earthsage - you make a shoddy looking stick which looks like a five year old made it, you walk to the stream, you can't find any fish. Mather - the bugs are poisonous you feel quesy, as if you ate about to throw up. ~Hex.
  7. Earth - your find yourself that it's dark and hard to see, it is still warm. There is lots of rocks on the floor, a couple of twigs you hear a stream nearby and birds tweeting. Your not allowed the bow or the dagger. ~Hex.
  8. Earth, you are allowed to start minus the dagger. Mather - you get bugs in your teeth and the log becomes stringy at the end. ~Hex.
  9. There is a a stick lying just next to the small river, you pick it up and find that it is soggy and covered in woodlice. There is a tree to the left of you with a large stick next to it, you decide to pick it up. You have nothing to sharpen the stick, and no string to attach a rock. ~Hex.
  10. Mather, the map was intended for large populations. You don't really require it at the moment. TomH, feel free to join, give a description of your character and whet he is and you can start Mather - In your sights you find yourself in a large green field, The grass stil has dew on it. You clamber through the thick grass For a long time until you find a gleaming source of water. ~Hex.
  11. Hello, I am BlitzKriegMod. I will give the password to this acount to Archimage_A if he feels like joining and knows the rules. And anyone else who has proven themselves trustworthy. ~Hex.
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