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  1. [spoiler=90 Agility.] One skill closer to a new Milestone cape.
  2. [spoiler=85 Mining.] If only I had this seven years ago. -.-
  3. Heading for the 90 Milestone cape. [spoiler=Levels.]
  4. Decided to get my Quest Cape back and kill some Glacors afterwards and got 9 Shards and 1 Effigy in two hours. It's been 98 for over a year.. Glacors are pretty easy, can survive without any problems with just a Unicorn after 15 minutes of practice :thumbup: .
  5. My last skill below 80 is Farming, so it's a matter of time before I have a new Milestone Cape :thumbsup: . Going to finish the quest list while waiting for stuff to grow I guess.
  6. 4K gems an hour is quite fast exp :thumbup:. 2.0 multiplier, guess I'll do Agility with boosts.
  7. 6M :thumbup: . Been killing Jadinkos, no Whip vine in 570 kills :thumbdown: ...
  8. Got enough Gold Ore banked for 80 Smithing and close to the amount of Oak Planks required for Construction. Nothing left to buy Crafting and Farming lol. :cry:
  9. Runecrafting as non-buyable left for 80+. And also four buyables, but I'll first have to find cash for those.
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