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  1. Don't even ask about the PSU. The client wanted 1000W, so I put in 1000W lol. I recommended a 750W as well, but he wanted that 1KW. As for the RAM, the timings where just ridiculous at 2133MHz. I'm not an I.T professional by any means, but I know my way around Over Clocking, and the RAM just stuttered. They where at 7-7-10-28, or something like that. You cant tell me you are water-cooling all three GPU's and the CPU in a SINGLE loop are you? That would be ridiculous. You are going to want a double loop for that, and its not practical to run two loops in a 1200. Just my two-cents :thumbsup:
  2. +1 I must respect a person who replies so respecfully to everyone. Kudos to you :thumbup: :mrgreen:
  3. Nice case. I am wanting to get the Antec 1200 after my classes are over with.Good choice. The Antec 900, 902 and 1200 are all very solid (in more ways than one) cases, but the 1200 is freaking huge.Running tri-SLI with water-cooling will require the space.Woah, yeah, you'll need the space. Good luck with your build. Antecs cases suck for watercooling though. And the 1200 isnt as big as you think. I went from a Antec 1200, to a Corsair 800D to my heavily modded TJ07. Now that is a big case. Fits my quad, and double radiator no problem. Btw, where did this "Tri-sli watercooling" part come in? The op didnt say anything about wcing as far as I know. And they dont even have three video cards for tri-sli. There is two nvidias and an ati. Wait
  4. Well, Smithing took a lot of money, and a lot of time. So that is why I am looking for something easy. I might do mining or something like that. Prayer would be nice. Could sell off my Santa and Bandos equips and just power level prayer like crazy :unsure:
  5. Just put this one together for a friend/ co-worker. Works great for what he is needing. OCed the chip to 4.2GHz OOCT stable. Downed the RAM from 2133MHz to 1600MHz so I could get better timings lol. I played a bit of RS on it before dropping it off :thumbsup: CASE: SilverStone Raven RV02 Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D (Vanilla) CPU: Intel Core i5 750 @ 4.2GHz 24/7 stable RAM: 4GB G.Skill Pi Ram 2133MHz [downed to 1600MHz) GPU: Sapphire 5850 TOXIC HDD: Two(2) Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB in RAID 0 PSU: 1000W SilverStone Strider 1000W Plus Ever single cable sleeved. Still waiting for more water cooling components until I can finish mine...
  6. So what, just get half an inventroy of jugs, grapes and than stick the almost-finished product in my bank, and get more berries and jugs? Seems straigt forward enough.
  7. I got my first 99 skill some time ago, but havn't really focussed on a specific skill - as of yet. I am now looking to add that "trim color" to my Smithing Cape and am just curious as to which skill would be the easiest/ quickest one to get 99 with. Current stats are in sig. Thank in advance: DR. Blue
  8. DR BLUECUBE here, New to the forums with the name, but have been a lurker/ poster in the past. No longer have access to my old account, or email address associated so I need to start anew... Casual "Do nothing" Gear:
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