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  1. Have a good birthday!

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Ok I have 70 WC and am F2P. Are there any yew trees that arent all clogged up with 8 or 9 people all the time?
  4. Hi i was wondering which 99 you guys think i should go for out of Fire Making (Lvl49), Cooking (Lvl45) or Fishing (Lvl46)? Thanks for any help :)
  5. Faves probs maze for its huge rewards, least is mime cos it takes so long...
  6. Hey I'm new to the Tip.It forums. RS account names ArchZephyr. Feel free to add me ^^. Usually found doing whatever I can be bothered to do on World 110. At the mo' aiming for 99 Woodcutting (in ma dreams). That's me and I hope to see you all around. ^^
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