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  1. While this is not really on topic, I'd just like to say thank you for all of the posts on this thread. I too have read every single post on this thread, and it has proven a rather entertaining read throughout its existence. This thread has not only provided me with something to read while training those boring skills that don't require too much attention, but also made ME a lot more efficient in the way I train. And not only certain methods of training, but little tips that have been provided to really increase the experience per hour. To all of those actually attempting to go for this massive milestone, the best of luck to you!
  2. In the Multi-tasking article I felt the argument was flawed. You inferred that, because people say they 'need' to multi task to play RuneScape, this means they do not enjoy RuneScape. I however, refute. 1) When people say they 'need' to multi task, there is room for the argument that this is clearly an exaggeration. 2) Music is something that is listened to every day by most people, doing all sorts of things. Just because one likes listening to music while doing activity X does not mean they do not like activity X without music, but instead, prefer it. Example, I often attend the gym. I love going to the gym, and while I'm often with a few friends, due to their job requirements they are, on occasion, not able to attend when I am able to do so. So, I listen to music while I work out. Listening to music does not take the love of working out away, at all, but instead, increases my enjoyment because I love both working out AND music. My enjoyment in the gym is not dependant on music. Another example, I dislike very much training prayer, because it is incredibly boring. However, I enjoy the benefits. Due to the turmoil prayer being required in order to join the so called 'pro' godwars teams, I paid for the bones for 95 prayer. Throughout training from 90-95, i hated it and thus watched countless episodes of Frasier. Afterwards however, I enjoyed getting hilts on LS and splits in CS very much. My point in this example is, some 'journey's' of the game can be boring for some, while the destination is far better. Just because someone might need to listen to music/watch films to keep them from getting too bored does not mean, at all, that the game itself bores them, but the skill in general. Another point I wish to make on this topic is that of motivation; When one sets themself a high levelled goal, i.e. a 99, there can be times where it is so boring that you may wish to stop. Many of my friends watch YouTube videos of people reaching the goal that they themselves wish to achieve, to motivate or inspire them to do the same and carry on. Here, yet again, the distraction, in this case the video, is not a neccesity, but instead a motivator. If anyone wishes to dispute my points, I welcome it, as, of course, you are entitled to your opinion. Edit: my new name is Revising, just in case people look up Likely and notice that the prayer level is not in fact level 95. xD
  3. Gertjaars, however, hasn't even started fishing, agility, hunter and mining, has only made very little progress in runecrafting and still needs over 3/4 slayer xp. Those are all very slow skills, with which he definitely won't be able to continue in his current phase. The same goes for Zarfot, yes, he has already maxed some of the most expensive skills, but we all know how "easy" some people make money. It's the slow skills that count. In fact, none of the maxed players are very high on either the agility or mining highscore, which leads me to believe we have to wait a long time, before anyone will "max out". This is why I tihnk S U O M I will devastate these hiscores when his total lvl reflects his xp. He's doing the long hard stuff first and dominating it. I think devastate is a little over dramatic, lol.
  4. I too would like Zarfot to take the #1 spot, he seems incredibly efficient in his YouTube videos. Money/time have come into this post a lot, but one that hasn't is boredom. Boredom, to me, is a big part of playing Runescape, as it is for many players. I can concieve of the high levels quitting RuneScape due to boredom. For instance, look at Zezima. While he's stated that he felt his achievements lost their prestige due to skills being easier to train now (etc), I still think boredom played a big part in him quitting. Furthermore, another thing contributing to quitting RuneScape would certainly be friends quitting. Personally if any of my close friends who I talk to reguarly on Skype while playing quit, I'd feel swayed to stop playing as well as, to me, playing with friends makes this a fun game.
  5. All from the last few weeks: Also had a duo hilt in this last month but had to wipe my computer of all its images a few weeks ago so these are my only screenshots atm.
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