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  1. I think its 4Kg out btw =D I uploaded the picture of my prom platebody but its not appeared anyone have idea's on why its done that? (its a zoomed in picture)
  2. We call that Stealing Creation. (Admittedly only up to lvl 80, but there's nothing stopping Jagex from adding level 6 clay at 99 for example.) Interesting that whilst Jagex has altered the token cost of rewards from this mini-skill, they still don't match up! At level 25 I can use the scroll of life, yet won't have the 10k tokens to do so until lvl 50 at least... Fail much? I agree with the tokens but at the end of the day, if you really want that you will save for it, I don't mind doing the stat as its fun tbh and it also helps you level up all your other stats. Best I have seen was my wife completing her slayer task of zombies lol.. I am yet to find a blue dragon "I am in floor 22 or 23" anyone that is higher then this could you let me know if there is one? Thanks CJ
  3. Im 117 on F2P and no1 will team with me lol. But I am P2P user like going into free worlds for fun. Overall rating: 7/10 Rewards:7.5/10 Teams:8.5/10 (bosses need to be tweaked) Soloing:10/10 Other then that the skill is slow but I like it better no nerds can play for many hours a day and get 99 in 4 days
  4. Hi im new to forums always been on Tip.it but never on forums until today , but been playing since I started college late '06 early '07 and finished my course and still addicted to playing RS LOL Im normally always online unless I am too busy with family stuff (PM always off unless requested to turn on , always in my clan chat tho) Anyways im rambling on so ima go lol Congratz on your A levels mate and also good luck to anyone else sitting any exams =)
  5. Number 2 for me... Some of the prices are reasonable.. But others are just pathetically unachievable at the levels required to use/unlock . This should be changed as im 45 dungeoneering and I have only got one item (coal bag), not gonna say anymore then that =)
  6. promethium chainbody(B) Picture: [/img] a series of connected metal rings: 6Kg 90+ defence: Armour: I think I got this from floor 15, its possible to get this as a drop from any boss you defeat (Members only) (no image available yet as only just joined and have to wait for a mod to approve my uploaded screenshot. Will edit and delete this when picture is on)
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