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  1. YESSS!!! After 4 crap treasure trails in a row I'm happy they're fixing it!
  2. nice ridiculus (I will freely admit I can't spell for beans [but I do have pretty good grammer]) essay in the rant section. I agree completeley with most of it!!

  3. OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Okay now I get it. Thanks for the help! See ya!
  4. I'm OH so confused. I got a willow comp bow from a treasure trails before and it sold for 60k. I just now got a yew comp bow from one and it is worth 900gp. Shouldn't it be worth more?! Can someone please explain!?!?
  5. Okay I could say a lot of things on here but the biggest thing that pisses me off is when you have people ask you your name age and where you're from. I always politely say that its really suppose to be private yet they begin to barage me with insults and then they tell me all of their info... DUDE I DON'T CARE. I'm still not gonna give you mine! Ugggg annoying son of a...
  6. Umm... Just sayin 3 hours a day is still a lot! No offence but dont be so quick to judge:P
  7. okay gidion im not gonna lie ur sig is perhaps the most awesome thing i've read in a while. props to you and please add me as u are one of the too few people that is down to earth ive met on this game. Peace sukas!!

  8. is rockin' it OLD SCHOOL!!!

  9. Howdy! Okay now I'm new to the TET and for that matter, the whole forum. I would really appricate if someone would give me a brief overview on what the TET is and how it works?
  10. I can't seem to get the skills on my signature to change to their real levels other than fletching, prayer, and construction! Please help cuz I'm new to the forum and not really sure how to make the signature?!?
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