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  1. Took a few days to get, champion scrolls are pretty rare. Decided to pick up all the loot, it surprising what you can make off a level 23 monster. Plus I had 2 dragonstone drops...going for hobgoblin scroll now.
  2. decided to stake my cash pile or quit, looks like im staying omfggggggggggggg
  3. Drop Received: 192 Toadflax Monster Killed: Abyssal Demon Approx Kills to get: 125 Wearing Row?: [Y/N] Nope :)
  4. What are the odds if I went and bet 500m that person would actually honor it if I won?
  5. Happy birthday for the 2nd time.:D But yeah, why do you have 2 accs? :P

  6. So what could I hope to get for my elysian right now? Desperately wanted it before, and now that I have it, it's not so great and I think I might sell it...no junk to sell with and not really interested in rares, probably just going to sell max GE...
  7. 2 hrs of afk pvp while playing call of duty...u mad?
  8. l0l nice picture you found there...and yeah i spent my WHOLE bank on that shield was worth nothing after that...I mined and smithed that rune armor in the pic...was just looking for a quick drop....idgaf i wanted the shield and i got it...building my bank back up now and probably got a nice 20-30m bank now
  9. L0l the kill I complain about never getting drops, I get a range ammy :) and Yes, I play in low detail, my computer's having issues as of late.
  10. Finally!!! Been trying to get one of these for foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D I'm really happy :D
  11. nope, you could barely get elysian for a pumpkin I was under the impression ely lost street. Looking at the forum, its still fairly strong. <3 ely, only thing better is divine. ely is on the verge, shouldnt be too long before its buyable
  12. nope, you could barely get elysian for a pumpkin
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