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  1. How do I get the avatar pic?
  2. spear of arrows? 63 range
  3. I'm old school I do telle cammy
  4. Is it worth going through the trouble of doing this quest and buying the cannon to use at green dragons? does it increase the profit that much?
  5. I've been thinking of raising my farming while i fish for my whip..is it worth the time to invest in the skill?
  6. SoiLL1224


    Hmmm, my stats are pretty similar to yours, yet a lot of people ive talked to have suggested i wait until i have 75+ melee (and range) stats before attempting barrows. Maybe train a bit so you can do a run more effeciently? Well i usually just go their with 8 shark and a bunch of prey pots and do two runs everytime im their, i think your friends mistaken lol
  7. SoiLL1224


    How many times are we talking? Like 10? haha, and your combat stats aren't necessarily the best for barrows anyways... 70 att 71 str 67 def 43 prayer 63 mage 72 hp I know not the best, but my stats are not bad by any means, and I did a run last night of 40 trips...
  8. SoiLL1224


    I've done this so many times, killed all brothers every time, what is wrong here?! why don't i ever get anything more then death/blood runes and some gold!?!
  9. I'm aware. That's the problem. I don't do pvp. I just see this & feel like it's unfair to me. (In accordance with my insane code, I'm waiting till I have 85 slayer before getting a whip). Newbie? I've been playing about a 2.5 year total, have 272 quest points, am combat level 86, and total level 1406. Is that newbie? I don't see what the problem is with potions. Explain, why is potions bad? Why is boosts bad? Why is whip being more superior to Dragon Longsword 'bad'? I feel that too many of these stronger things are too easy to get. That's not a problem... In your opinion. I feel it makes the game too easy. [/hide] But you're comparing Dragon Longsword to Whip. The average joe has a whip, even the level 90s in the GE has a whip. And the fact that you can also borrow stuff, I don't see any problem in it. If you find RS too easy, either go solo the Corporeal Beast or suck it up. Tbh. I don't find it too easy. But it has the potential to be very easy. Without the GE, how many people do you think would have whips? Hmm, everyone who uses player to player trade? I disagree. I don't think people would sit around in banks waiting for someone with 85 slayer to happen along & sell them a whip. Take a look at how many people are above 85 slayer on high scores lol. ALOT, and all that would happen is the whip would go back up to 6-7 mil, thats how much they were before G.E. And the whip is by far THE best weopon to train att and defense, i went from 65-67 defense in like 3 hours last night
  10. Starting with a rune long and switching to a R2H was the best way to duel. You could right click duel anyone, anywere, but mainly in the center of lumby Varrock west was the GE You had to use certs to sell more than 28 lobbies at a time. Ranging, Fighting, Mageing = Full rune Not even that far back, i remember when whips were at 30 mil. and finally, I remember buying a white p hat for 100k, and saying that it was expensive, and selling it for 10 mil a few months later thinking i made a profit.....i still kick myself for that!
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